The current on goings that are happening in the diplomatic world including the behind the scenes manoeuvres by the United States and Zionist Israel in Africa, is a total betrayal of the Palestinian people by African countries. The current manoeuvres being perpetrated by Zionist Israel on the continent are largely the main cause for this development.  They are carefully designed to make African countries forget about what Zionist Israel is doing to the Palestinians. The truth is Israel is a racist apartheid state that does not consider Africans its equals, just as it does the Palestinians. I have read a lot of testimonies from the so-called Falasha Jews who were taken from Ethiopia. Many of them are complaining of serious racism in Israel. They are not considered equal to the blue-eyed Caucasian Jews coming from elsewhere in Europe, Russia, or USA. The problem is so huge that some of them are considering going back to Ethiopia where they came from.

Those African leaders who visit Zionist Israel and have red carpets rolled for them in Tel Aviv do not know that immediately they leave Israel, those carpets are burned never to be used again by the Zionists as they are considered unclean gentiles.

Zionist Israel like the rest of the world powers is only interested in Africa’s resources and nothing else. Why is Zionist Israel controlling the world diamond trade when there is not even one diamond mine on its territory? Where are they getting those diamonds that they are spreading on their market tables? The truth is that the bulk of them are stolen from Africa. Period! That is done with the help of the African dictators who have become so greedy to the extent of forgetting even the very people who elected them to power.

When Africa was fighting for its independence in the 1950s and 60s, they twinned the struggle for Palestine and Africa as one. When Africa set up the liberation fund in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, they also included Palestine as a beneficiary. Today that is not the case. The PLO and other liberation movements like the ANC, ZANU-PF, and SWAPO, were housed in the same building in Dar es Salaam.  Many African countries are hoodwinked into believing that Zionist Israel will benefit them if they align with it, not knowing that Zionists are masters of deception. They are only after resources which they will secure by hook or by crook.

The question that we need to ask is why has Africa abandoned the Palestinian struggle? The answer to that is simply that Zionist Israel, the masters of deception have embarked on a charmed offensive on the continent promising African countries Israeli technology with fatal strings attached to it. If you want our technology be it agricultural or security, you must accept us the way we are. As racist apartheid as we are, please accept us.

The USA weighs in using certain dynamics that it has created and prevailing in certain African countries such as sanctions because of human right abuses by African dictators, to those who do not want to leave power and want to remain in power, everything works in favour of the Zionist/Imperialist/Colonialist pantheon.

Africa, notwithstanding its violent human rights record, is expected to be friends with the Zionist Apartheid colonial project. In return Israel will insist that the USA lifts its economic embargo imposed on African countries. We will also sell you technology that will enable you to spy on your people in order to detect dissent early before it gets out of hand. These are some of the promises given to African leaders, who find them irresistible and hence difficult to resist.

My humble request to our leadership is that first, they should return to the founding principles of the AU which are very specific as regards the Palestinian question. Which is “Africa is not free without the liberation of Palestine”. Our leadership should also know that these manoeuvres by the Zionist entity are shrouded in treachery and lies and might return to haunt them one day. Second, once the Zionists gain a foothold on our continent, they will seek to exploit the situation to their own advantage but to the detriment of the people and even the leadership of Africa which they would have used in the first place. The key word here is “control of Africa’s resources”. This control might in the future entail direct or indirect control by any means, including military control. This may translate to a direct re-colonization of our continent because of the lack of foresight on the part of our current leadership on the continent. Where there are resources, the Zionist/Imperialist/Colonialist axis of evil, will never give up until they have taken all of them.

Let those with ears hear what I am saying and those with eyes see what I am seeing. It will happen! Or perhaps it is already happening.

This foray into Africa by Zionism and the support it receives from her western allies, is the continuation and the unfinished subjugation of the African people. “Apartheid” is making its re-entry into Africa through the back-door. Historians and political observers will record constant armed repression and episodes of extermination, similar to the Rwandan holocaust.

Western governments, political parties and the media who support this project with their deafening silence will be judged as criminal accomplices. Their support for the anti-Apartheid tussle in South Africa pales into insignificance because they choose to ignore the re-colonisation of Africa and the fight for justice by the African people. They remain cowardly and disgraceful hypocrites.


Dr. Mustafa Mheta

Senior Researcher/Head of Africa Desk

Media Review Network.


South Africa.