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Chief Justice must apologise for anti-Palestine comments

The Media Review Network welcomes the ruling by Judge Mojapelo of the Judicial Conduct Committee which finds CJ Mogoeng Mogoeng’s guilty for his June 2020 utterances on apartheid Israel, finding it to be in violation of the JCC codes.

In a Jerusalem Post webinar, organised by the Zionist entity’s local proxies, the Chief Justice came under fire for his comments that opposition to apartheid Israel will bring upon wrath of God on everyone, including South Africa.

In an attempt to hit back at opposition and criticism , he retorted, “I stand by my refusal to retract or apologise for any part of what I said during the webinar. Even if 50 million people were to march every day for 10 years for me to do so, I would not apologise. If I perish, I perish.”

The Chief Justice is ordered to read out the following apology within 10 days:

I, Mogoeng Mogoeng, Chief Justice of the Republic of South Africa, hereby apologise unconditionally for becoming involved in political controversy through my utterances in the online seminar (webinar) hosted by The Jerusalem Post on 23 June 2020, in which I participated.

I further hereby unreservedly retract and withdraw the following statement which I uttered subsequent thereto or other words to the same effect: “I reaffirm my recognition for the statutory authority of the Judicial Conduct Committee of the Judicial Service Commission established in terms of Part 11 of the JSC Act 9 of 1994 to decide on any complaint of alleged judicial misconduct against me and all judges in the Republic of South Africa. 243.3

This historic finding is crucial for a number of reasons. Foremost of course is that South Africa’s Zionist lobby has to come to terms with the fact that the violent suppression and brutal occupation of Palestine will not be tolerated.

Second, it sends out a clear message that the Zionist lobby and its sympathisers cannot use members of the judiciary to further its global propaganda campaign to justify and normalise its genocide, epistemicide, ethnic cleansing and colonisation of Palestine.

Issued by:

Dr. Ahmed Haroon Jazbhay

Executive Member: Media Review Network