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The Media Review Network (MRN) is deeply skeptical of the latest US military foray into Mozambique. We view this development as an elaborate scheme designed to entrench Africa Command (AFRICOM) of the US Army indefinitely on African soil.

We are perturbed at the fact that, the African Union (AU) and the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) legalized this deplorable deal which tramples on the Mozambican people’s desires and aspirations.

Wherever the US Army has deployed its troops, they knowingly or unknowingly, legitimize the many war crimes that they commit. There are many examples of this having happened in countries like Japan, South Korea, Iraq, Philippines, and Syria.

Covering up war crimes is worse than committing the crimes itself. Besides, behind such deployment, is the nullification of humanity, the destruction of human dignity and the eradication of humanity.

This deployment could also signal the end of peace in the region as terrorism takes centre stage. Many of the civil liberties that we have enjoyed all along, will be a thing of the past.

The recognition of the principle that all people on the planet have a right to survive and thrive, will be suspended. This deal not only undermines Mozambican’s legitimate freedom and economic struggle, but it is also an attack on all member states of the United Nations (UN).

We call upon the global community, AU, and SADC in particular, to adopt a courageous stance by vehemently opposing this deployment by the US Army under the guise of military training.

Issued by:

Dr. Mustafa Mheta

Senior Researcher/Head of Africa Desk

Media Review Network


+27 76 804 5215