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The Zionist government of Israel last Wednesday issued letters ordering for the deportation of about 50 members of the so-called African Hebrew community in Dimona. The letters explicitly state that they should leave Israel within the next 60 days.

This announcement comes as a shock to them and the other approximately 85 members of this community whose lack of official status in the country has been under review by the Ministry of Interior over the past year.

It came as a shock, not only because of their complete cooperation with the ministry in an effort to normalize their status as contributing members of Israeli society, but also because after decades (for many after a life) in Israel, they lose the only home they have ever known.

Unfortunately, this effort is only the most recent iteration of what appears to be an agenda of active discrimination against members of the African Hebrew community. This does not come as a surprise to many who know that Zionism is built on racism and apartheid.

Despite being initially welcomed with open arms and given citizenship in 1969 under the Law of Return, by 1970 the law was changed. Then the 400 souls who were previously sent to settle the Negev alongside Moroccan and Indian Jewish new immigrants, were then stripped of their citizenship, and exposed to multiple episodes of arrests and deportations in 1973, 85, and 86.

Critics say that the Zionist Ministry of Interior in the past and in its current form has a clear agenda to uproot the so-called “African Hebrews” from the land and prevent any further immigration of people associated with the community, including those who underwent legitimate Halakhic conversion to join the Jewish people.

Just as in 1970, when government officials wrote off the claim of ancestral descent from the lost tribes of Israel to this very day the Ministry views the so-called “African Hebrews” claim to Jewish/Hebrew ancestry as imaginary, and therefore, irrelevant to the Jewish people and the mission of the State of Israel.

That is why the Zionist government has come up with this unapologetic policy, which seeks to bar them from the country, deport them, and sometimes even harass Jews of colour by association.

The so-called “African Hebrews” obsession with wanting to be called “Hebrews” is shocking. The Zionist entity in Israel actually believes that real Hebrews are Caucasian, they can never be black or otherwise.

There is nothing in Israel for the so-called “African Hebrews”. Zionism is built on racisms. The few, like the Falashas who have migrated from Ethiopia to Israel, are treated like slaves doing all the dirty jobs that the Caucasian Jews do not want to do. They are subject to Israeli police brutality just like the African Americans in the USA. Judaism as interpreted by the Zionists, is actually a tribal religion. Anything that is not Caucasian cannot be Jewish. Africans should understand that very clearly.

This also brings into spotlight the so-called “Charm Offensive Diplomacy” announced by Prime Minister Netanyahu across the African continent. The obvious question that arises is why does he wants Africans to be friends with Israel when he does not consider them equals?

This proves what we have always been saying that its not the people of Africa that he wants to befriend, it’s their natural resources period! The Zionists are after Africa’s resources and nothing else. The lies that the Zionists are spreading across Africa includes telling certain African tribes that they are one of the lost tribes of Israel. Of late, they have targeted the so-called “Igbo Hebrews” of Nigeria, telling them these same lies.

If one looks closely at these African tribes who accept these lies, they are always troublesome in their respective countries. Most of them, do harbour secessionist ideas and have the same characteristics with the Zionists such as feeling superior to the others and always claiming that they are the “chosen people”.

The message to Africans is that please do not be misled by these Zionists who are dying of envy to be where you are right now. Africa is the best place to be at the moment. All we need to do is to work hard, improve where we are and exploit our God given natural resources which they are in actual fact after.


Dr. Mustafa Mheta

Senior researcher/Head of Africa Desk

Media Review Network

South Africa