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The Media Review Network (MRN) is deeply worried by the latest statement attributed to the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari inviting US AFRICOM to move its headquarters from Germany to Africa.

We at MRN find it utterly reprehensible that Mr Buhari, the leader of Africa’s biggest economy of all people can sink that low to actually invite the worlds most discredited army in the form of the US AFRICOM to move to Africa and set up its boots when every nation that houses them on their soil, are chasing them away.

Where does Mr Buhari intend to station them? Does he know that even Japan a very close ally of the USA does not want them on their soil? If he wants them in Africa, then he better confine them to Nigeria, the rest of Africa does not want them in their countries.

Look at what they have done in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, indirectly in Yemen, and Libya. All these countries have been destroyed completely; they are just a shadow of their imagination now. We are also reminded of the number of crimes that US troops have committed in Japan and South Korea. Thousands of the citizens of these countries have been killed, with a large number of their women having been raped and yet none of these soldiers have been prosecuted.

Wherever the US has stationed its army, they have committed the most human rights atrocities which could warrant persecution at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Haque. Mr Buhari should not host them anywhere on African soil, let it be known to him.

We urge the AU never to go along, let alone entertain Mr. Buhari’s hallucinations and deny AFRICOM a chance to set up their headquarters on African soil. The AU should reprimand him for going against the continental body’s resolutions. We condemn any deployment by AFRICOM anywhere on African soil.

Issued by:
Dr. Mustafa Mheta
Senior Researcher/Head of Africa Desk
Media Review Network
+27 76 804 5215