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Felix Tshisekedi is a Dangerous Zionist Lackey who Should be Removed from the African Union

The granting of the observer status to Israel is not an isolated incident but carefully choreographed and planned to happen the way it happened. It seems like Mr. Moussa Faki Mahamat did not act in isolation but that he had the blessings and tacit support of the Democratic Republic of Congo President and current chairperson of the AU Felix Tshisekedi.

It appears the two leaders currently at the helm of the AU and both from the francophone axis, worked in collusion to grant Zionist Israel the observer status of the AU. We have often lamented the fact that since the ascendancy of the francophone axis to leadership at the AU, very unpopular decisions that border on breaking some of the fundamental pillars of the AU have happened.

Decisions such as the return of imperial Morocco to the AU were taken without proper consultations and before Morocco had adhered to the fulfilment of UN and AU resolutions hanging on its head. The next was this issue of granting Israel observer status again without consultations with the rest of AU membership.

The argument being put forward by those who are guilty of this, that there are many African countries with bilateral diplomatic relations with the Apartheid/Zionist Israel is not relevant to this debate. This particular incident is of continental concern and not bilateral. The two platforms must not be mixed.

It seems like these two leaders at the helm of the AU mixed the two i.e., what obtains at the bilateral to inform what should happen at the continental level, when in actual fact the two should not mix. What Mr. Tshisekedi and Mr. Mahamat have done will go down in the history of the AU as the biggest sell out of “African principles” by African leaders.

Some of these principles are at the very foundation of the OAU charter and very clear on some of these positions. They are indeed the reason why the Palestinian and African struggles are intermarried since the days of liberation wars on the continent.

The reason why we lament these facts is because what happens at the bilateral level affects only people of a particular nation, while that which happens at the continental level affects the whole of Africa. And the majority of Africans and please note that not majority African countries, we are talking of majority Africans do not like what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people.

Africans are not happy with the killings of children, women, and the old people in the occupied territories. Furthermore, the apartheid that Israel is openly practicing on the Palestinians is certainly loathed by many people on our continent.

We hope that when Mr. Tshisekedi goes to Israel, he is not representing the AU but himself, and not the majority of the Congolese people who have suffered so much injustice and have not known peace because of the very Zionist/imperial axis manoeuvres in the Congo and elsewhere on the continent.

Why can’t African leaders see through this façade that is so blatantly open as regards their real intentions? Why are our leaders choosing to side with these enemies of the oppressed African and Palestinians people?

Is Mr. Tshisekedi going to Israel to pick up his paycheck as a reward for a job well done? But we are also optimistic that the will of the people of Africa will prevail and that their decision will be reversed or suspended until Zionist/Apartheid Israel honours all the UN resolutions hanging on its head. Israel must respect and withdraw from all occupied Palestinian and Arab lands that it occupied in the previous wars.

Of immediate concern to us, is the issue of the removal of these unashamed Zionist lackeys at the helm of the AU. Its high time that Africa is led by principled and incorruptible leaders with a genuine concern for its citizens and development. Aluta Continua! “the struggle continues”.


Dr. Mustafa Mheta

Senior researcher/Head of Africa Desk

Media Review Network

South Africa