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 A closer Look at any country across the world that has normalized relations with the Apartheid/Zionist Israeli entity, clearly shows that there is instability in most of those countries. Why it happens like that bogle the mind. A pattern that seems to emerge after the so-called “normalization” is that of political chaos, terrorism or rumours of terrorism, and even civil wars in many of those countries.

The curse lies in the fact that Apartheid/Zionism ideology is an evil racist ideology that goes against the logic of creation which says that mankind is created equal before God and that every soul has the potential to reach any height it wants in life if it chooses to do just that. The teaching that says some people are chosen above others, is a false ideology that seeks to divide, compartmentalize, and dispossess others of their material and spiritual worth and should be dismissed with the contempt that it deserves.

So, when this ancient poison that Apartheid/Zionist Israel has been peddling for centuries, enters African countries, it spreads and causes a lot of tensions among citizens who would have adopted this superiority complex and would want to practice it against their fellow citizens, who in turn resist it.

This also affects political formations in those countries that would have “normalized” as the poison spreads and begin to look down upon their fellow countrymen as inferior to them resulting in tensions flaring across the different tribal formations ending in civil wars in many of these countries.

Regarding compartmentalization, when the evil ideology of “Apartheid/Zionism” finds its way among a nation, it divides people into groups beginning with highest, middle, and lowest people in this order. That is exactly what apartheid in South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe did.

Once people are grouped into these compartments, they start fighting between themselves, with each group wanting to assert its superiority against the other. The end result will obviously be chaos in a nation. This then works very well for the well-known old adage of imperialism that of “divide and rule”.

Quite often this leads to civil wars in many of these countries that would have “normalized” their relations with Apartheid/Zionist Israel.

Another trend that one observes in those African countries that would have “normalized” with “Apartheid/Zionist Israel is that of dispossession. When agents of Zionism enter your country, they seek to dispossess you of the resources found in your country. Teaming up with the ruling elites, they loot these and take them to world markets and pocket the proceeds.

So, the main issue here is that of resources. Imperial agents allied to intelligence forces gain access to a country’s resources with or without your permission. They can even create a fake ISIS or al-Qaeda in a country like what they have done in Mozambique, Uganda, DRC, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger. They use terrorism as a distraction while they loot your resources in the middle of the night.

Planes will land in the middle of the night to collect the minerals for the world markets in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, London, and New York. That explains why Israel has a thriving diamond market when they don’t have not even one diamond mine in their country.

Since last month, bombs have been going on in Uganda killing and maiming scores of people creating a pretext for a country in serious trouble from terrorism, when the truth is to force the government to buy Apartheid/Zionist Israel weapons.

The “Pegasus” issue really exposed the Zionist entity of who they really are. There is a possibility that Apartheid/Zionist Israel could be behind the feud between Rwanda and Uganda. They create wars and then sell weapons to both parties to slaughter each other, while pretending to be impartial. When they have made their monies, they then sponsor peace talks in Geneva for the parties to talk to each other.

The same trend is replicated elsewhere in other African countries, yet our leaders can’t see through that facade. Sudan is one other good example of what we are trying to say. It has been proven now that a week before the coup, Israeli Mossad intelligence was in Khartoum meeting the generals and when they left on a Sunday, Monday the coup happened.

The African Union (AU) has also sold us to the Zionist for a penny and the African people are now on their own like sheep without a shepherd. This dilemma requires the people of Africa to act in unison and expel these sell-outs at the helm of our continental body before asserting what we want.

Aluta Continua!


Dr. Mustafa Mheta

Senior researcher/Head of Africa Desk

Media Review Network

South Africa