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Klaas Mokgomole: Are you an Apologist for Israel’s War Crimes?

People like Klaas Mokgomole the coordinator of the so-called “Africans for Peace” who recently wrote a response to Media Review Network’s Iqbal Jassat criticizing him for misusing and abusing what he called “the true legacy of apartheid” shamefully parade as Zionist/Apartheid Israel created African apologist.

Having been invited to Israel which usually involves Israeli intelligence (Mossad) who are not short of slash funds, One may assume he lost his objectivity.  He says “he (Jassat) misuses and abuses the true legacy of apartheid, not only to delegitimize the Israeli state but to incite hatred against the local Jewish community for refusing to accede to these scurrilous attacks tamely”.

The above statement is being forced into Jassat’s throat by Mr. Mokgomole because there is nowhere in his opinion peace where he says that.  Black Africans must stop being used by colonialists, imperialists, slave buying, and Zionist countries to render support to their evil misdemeanours whether it’s against their own kind or others.

Our own history as Africans is regrettably full of people who sell your souls for a bowl of soup.

Starting from the slave trade, the imperial powers used to select people to snare other Africans and bring them to the white man to be taken as slaves. White people had no capacity to chase the black man in an African terrain and catch him, it was important that they used an African to catch another African.

This was done in most cases for small useless gifts like being given a mirror or sugar as a reward. This continued in the colonial era when they used the Mobutu Sese Seko’s of this world to kill the Patrice Lumumba’s.

The irony of the matter is that many African’s students, civic leaders, opposition politicians, and ruling party’s leaders, are invited to Zionist/Apartheid Israel where they are entertained, feted, and gifted with money and scholarships just to change their views. In most cases, they are never taken to the occupied enclave where apartheid is practiced in daylight.

They will be entertained in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and other resorts far away from the centres of conflict and off they go to the airport after having been indoctrinated on how democratic and peaceful the country is.

What Mr. Mokgomole should know is that the three “Palestinian Rights” that Jassat mentions are all backed by UN resolutions which Israel has refused to honour all along. If Israel is truthful in finding a peaceful resolution to the conflict, why is it refusing to adhere to these UN resolutions?

Let Israel announce today that they accept the above three resolutions and see if the war is not going to come to an end? The reason is simply premised on the Zionist/Apartheid Israel intransigence on the matter which they know surely that they will be left with no land when Palestinians return to claim what clearly belongs to them.


Dr. Mustafa Mheta

Senior researcher/Head of Africa Desk

Media Review Network

South Africa