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Butchered in Bucha, Gun-downed in Gaza

Butchered in Bucha

a dozen or more

mangled, manslaughtered, murdered

silenced humans fleeing the City

murdered in cold blood


they lay in the street

the unkempt mortuary of rotting humans

whilst the politicians bicker about who did it, or if it happened at all

Butchering humans in Bucha the other day

is wrong NOW

it will always be so


Butchered in Bucha

the mayors of Bucha, Kiev and the President of Ukraine

called it a Genocide

Russia must be made to pay for it they said

the residents said they were kept hostage by the invaders

… the world must act, they all said


Some four years ago

in the Great March of Return

( began March 30, 2018),


with kites of freedom flying high and hopes in their hearts keeping them rooted

the time was now

for the blockade to end and their families to reunite

the time was now

for the two million to break free from that 365sq kilometred prison

the ghetto of gaza


the revolution was LIVE

the massacre was TELEVISED

and streamed ONLINE


We all saw the IDF snipers at work

for the young men

it was target practice time

as they took out men, women and children

not even the wheelchair bound were saved


Butchered in Bucha

it is wrong now


Butchered in Gaza

It was wrong then

and it is wrong now


hospital records confirm

266 humans killed

30 000 injured

No President called it a genocide

the USA, the EU

and the UNO,

said somethings

which very few of us care to remember


It was wrong THEN

as it is NOW…


Butchered in Bucha

is wrong now

and will be forever



And  Gun-downed in Gaza

it was wrong THEN

it is wrong NOW


We all ask ourselves: what must be done?

We must continue to speak out and hope one day to find each other


Gun-downed in Gaza and butchered in Bucha

they are BOTH wrong and a crime against humanity

as are the many undeserved victims

from Srebenica, Somalia to Yemen and elsewhere


We hope and pray that your graves

are watered

and have fresh flowers adorning them

We dream that one day justice will blossom for those who carry your flame


Hassen Lorgat
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