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Israel is the ugliest ever face of brutal colonialism

Israel has been at its most ugly for 27,060 days and counting, from the butchering of pregnant women in Deir Yassin by Zionist terror gangs in 1948 to the cold-blooded murder of Shireen Abu Akleh last week and the attack on the pall-bearers carrying her coffin. Israeli savagery knows no bounds. Not one day passes without Israel murdering, injuring, imprisoning, dispossessing, and depopulating the land in occupied Palestine; indeed, to this list, you can add every other crime in the book.

Statistics are inadequate to convey the savagery of the occupation state. They cannot express the ugliness of Israel’s crimes, any one of which is enough to stain Israel’s history and those who support it.

Israel shoots dead Al Jazeera journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh, during invasion of Jenin - Cartoon [Sabaaneh/Middle East Monitor]

Israel shoots dead Al Jazeera journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh, during invasion of Jenin – Cartoon [Sabaaneh/Middle East Monitor]

Israel committed 156 massacres of innocent people from 1947 to 1953 alone; it left two-thirds of the Palestinian people homeless, the largest number to be uprooted in Palestine’s history.

Their houses were demolished over their heads as in Qibya; they were killed in their beds in refugee camps as in Al-Bureij; their towns were reduced to the status of large funeral homes, as in Khan Younis; their children were buried under the rubble of their classrooms as in Bahr Al-Baqar; their houses were reduced to rubble as in Jenin; they were killed en masse as in Sabra and Shatilla; or their whole neighbourhood was completely wiped off the face of the earth, as in Shejaiya.

The Zionist god of this Israel has an insatiable lust for blood. Its altar must be anointed by the blood of innocent Palestinians. Nobody escapes from this lust for blood. Neither children like Muhammad Al-Durra were killed in 2000, nor was his father, nor his grandfather who was expelled from his home in 1948.

The comparison with other colonial projects is inappropriate. The colonisation of America, Canada, and Australia took place in the age of the bow and arrow. Palestine’s destruction took place under the glare of the cameras when there was a holy writ called international law that was recited every day.

In other colonial projects, the “natives” were assumed to be without history and without a culture similar to that of the colonisers. Palestine’s history is longer than that of the colonisers. The Western colonisers’ civilisation, starting in the 15th century, could not have risen without Palestine’s legacy. Jerusalem has been Palestinian much longer than London has been British, or even English.

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In other colonial projects, the passage of time completed the crime and sealed it as old history. In Palestine, 74 years of Israel’s existence and colonialism have meant 74 years of continuous legitimate Palestinian resistance. It will continue as long as necessary.

Let nobody throw Auschwitz at me. It was a terrible crime committed during a world war. To reward a wartime crime with what is in effect an extended, far-reaching, and ongoing crime is obscene. Those wartime victims should have been as courageous as the Palestinians. They should have fought back against the aggressor, even against the odds, as we do. They should not have fled and, like cowards, attack innocent people in a faraway land who have done them no harm.

One random example is that of a German Jewish terrorist by the name of Helmut Ostermann. He left Germany in 1939 to go to Palestine to join a terrorist organisation. In 1948, he was perched on a hill in Huleigat, carrying his machine gun and watching a sea of refugees being driven into the Gaza Strip. He changed his name to Uri Avnery. He never accepted the legitimate Right of Return of the refugees, his victims. Israel and Germany are now the best of allies.

The colossal crime against the Palestinians needed a huge military force, a chest of gold to buy leaders, and an unbelievable array of lies, deception, defamation, and misinformation to create myths such as “Palestinians do not exist” and “There was no such thing as Palestine”. This propaganda war to deceive the Western mind is unprecedented. It’s like was never seen on such a scale in the wars against Vietnam, Germany, Japan, and South Africa.

Israel has waged eleven kinds of war against the Palestinians to expropriate their history, geography, and culture in support of the claim that vagabonds hailing from the cold expanse of Russia, Poland and Germany are the original people of Palestine. It is farcical for them to claim that they have “returned” after 2000 years to reclaim their long abandoned property.

Equally farcical is to recruit God to support the claim that He gave Palestine to the Jews. Such pseudo-divine backing, of course, was necessary because there is not a single acre of land that Israel occupies now that was acquired legally; it was acquired by force of arms.

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Contrary to Zionist expectations, the young people of Palestine have not forgotten their roots and heritage. They have not abandoned their patrimony. Now, with their knowledge and determination, the edifice of Zionist denial is cracking. The Western world now knows what we told it 74 years ago but it would not listen. That is to the West’s eternal shame because Israel is the ugliest face of brutal colonialism.

I say this to the many Jewish supporters of Palestine: Convert your disapproval of Israel into action. Disavow Israel publicly and by all other means. Stand in the same trench as the Palestinians; fight as they fight and die as they die. Shake off the tribalism and the fear of disloyalty and stand with justice, for it is the only lasting principle. It is by this that you will be judged.

The same applies to the young people in the West whose politicians created Israel and are responsible for its crimes. Open the door to a new world with justice, because its time will surely come. Those who committed the crimes, aided and abetted them, or stood silent when asked to help, will face eternal judgement much longer than the crime itself. Beware. That Day approaches.

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