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Islamophobic insults by BJP spokespersons are de facto Indian government views

In an unprecedented move, Muslim countries around the world have expressed outrage and condemnation at the Islamophobic comments against the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his beloved wife, Aisha (RA).

Two spokespersons for India’s ruling party, the Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Nupur Sharma, and Naveen Kumar Jinda, made the blasphemous remarks after being emboldened by similar remarks by their party leaders.

To minimise the global outrage and diplomatic fallout, the BJP’s knee-jerk response was to suspend the two spokespersons.

However, to view this slander in isolation is to be willfully oblivious to the de facto Islamophobic policies and actions of the BJP government.

Ever since its election in 2014, the world’s self-proclaimed largest democracy has been on a steady path of democratic decline and commenced a process of state-sanctioned Islamophobia and incremental genocide against Muslims.

The BJP’s agenda is one of social engineering based on its mantra “one nation, one people, one culture”. The one culture being referred to is Hindu nationalism, at the expense of the country’s 200 million Muslims, out of a population of 1.3billion.

For example, Narendra Modi, India’s current Prime Minister and former Chief Minister of Gujarat, was accused of initiating and condoning a pogrom in the city in 2002, resulting in the death of over 2000 Muslims and driving 150,000 people into refugee camps.

Emboldened by tacit support from many Arab states, India has started emulating the Islamophobic and incremental genocidal modus operandi of Zionist Israel.

Taking a leaf out of the Zionist playbook, the oppression of Muslims in India under Modi’s BJP resembles the oppression of Palestinians by the pariah regime of Naftali Bennett.

Although these countries now condemn the remarks, they have been silent for many years whilst Muslims in India are being lynched, murdered, and systematically eradicated under the BJP.

These countries didn’t act when India annexed Kashmir, turned Muslims into second-class citizens, allowed Hindu monks to call for Muslim genocide suspended women from wearing hijabs to college, lynched and bulldozed their homes.

The sad reality is that once this storm has passed, they will continue to maintain close relations with the Hindu-nationalist regime in New Dehli. All the Arab Gulf entities care about is protecting their thrones, not the dignity of the Prophet’s ummah.

The same goes for religious personalities who molly coddle with leaders opposing the freedom of Kashmiris.

One personality performed the Nikah of the son of the senior leader of the Apni party, Muhammad Mir, a pro-Indian and anti-independence party.

Demonising, marginalising, and projecting Muslims as the “other” are the only weapons to be found in the propaganda arsenal of the Indian government.

The insults against the Prophet Muhammad and his wife is just one incident in a litany of Islamophobic utterances by BJP leaders in India.

Islamophobia is in fact state-sanctioned and institutionalised. It’s time to hold India accountable under international law.


Dr. Ahmed Haroon Jazbhay

Media Review Network


South Africa