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Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim
In the Name of Allah The Beneficent, The Merciful

Once again Allah, the Creator, is bestowing His Mercy on All Mankind to remember the Motivation from Him as to the Mission of Ibrahim and his son Ismaeel, Alai-his-Salam (AS), in erecting the house dedicated to the peace and harmony of all of mankind and the responsibility of all Muslims who travel to the city of Makkah for the Hajj to ensure that the message is passed on to all of mankind. This in the glorious year of 1443 (July 2022) that we are given by the Creator. It is the duty and responsibility of all Muslims to use this occasion in service of mankind through the Service of Allah.

During this process of Hajj, we re-enforce the concept of Tauheeed, the Oneness of the Creator and the Singularity of the whole of Mankind and that we, as Muslims only Obey the Laws of Allah as shown by Muhammad AS through his example of life and practice. It is important that we carry this message throughout our lives as an indication of fulfilling the covenant we have with Allah and His command to follow the WAY or Millat of Ibrahim AS, as commanded by Him to ensure that we do not create authorities outside of His Laws.

The Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha with the related practices are an indication that we are prepared to sacrifice all that we love most in our lives and to bring the erring Nafs (personality and ego within us) under control and within the Laws of Allah so that we can fully manifest our duties through the service to Allah and His creation. We must be ready to sacrifice our “Ismaeel.”

As Hajj means to undertake deliberations and discussions to find solutions for the ills and restrictions placed on us by ourselves through those who find other god to worship rather than the service of Allah, we should ensure that post the Hajj period, we go our ways with the intentions of purifying our lives and ensuring that the decisions taken at Arafat is implemented in our area of residence and at the same time advising others to do so, especially those in authority in all Muslim countries by the practice of Justice as expected of them. All are equal and no nation, tribe or person is greater or lesser than the other.

Allah has declared that He does not (and will not) change the condition of any nation or people, until they change what is within themselves. This is Hajj.

Let us all  “Say: “My Sal’at and the means which I adopt to establish its system; in short – my living and dying – are all for the cause of Allah, the Rabb of the entire Universe, who has no partner. Thus, have I been commanded, and I am the first to submit to the commandment.”

The Executive and staff and all those who are linked with the Media Review Network, wish all Muslims and through them all of Mankind, a satisfying, tranquil, peaceful Eid-Ul-Adha spread throughout their lives.