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Al Quds Day- MRN solidarity with Palestine‘s quest for justice

The Media Review Network (MRN) joins hundreds of organizations and millions throughout the world in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice against the Zionist occupiers.

The Settler-colonial regime has committed an “incremental genocide” for the past 75 years. They have murdered the innocent with impunity; plundered Palestines resources; razed its olive groves; demolished their homes and ethnically cleansed its people from the land they’ve lived on for a thousand years.

The rise of Palestinian Resistance Movements such as the Lions’ Den, led by the youth, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hizbullah, has shaken the vice-grip of the racist, colonial-settler entity. According to the Israel newspaper Maariv, 750,000 Israeli Jews have permanently emigrated, with another million having dual citizenship ready to emigrate European and American destinations.

The MRN urges the South African government to shut down the Israeli embassy immediately. It also calls on the government to act on South Africans who have served in the Apartheid Israeli army that have committed crimes against humanity.

Issued by:

Firoz Osman

Executive member

Media Review Network