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It was on the occasion of the first and only Hajj performed by the beloved Prophet (PBUH) of Allah, when the verse below was revealed :

“This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favour upon you and have approved for you Islam as your religion.” [al Maa’idah 5:3].

Ever since then, Muslims have visited the Holy Land to complete this obligation.

We should not allow this visit to be interpreted as a ritual which is forgotten as soon as we complete the Hajj. If we lose our way in the jungle of consumerism, the performance of Hajj becomes a deliberate distortion of this pillar of Islam.

There was an 8th century Muslim Scholar, Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak, who was on his way to perform his Hajj.  On his way he came across a young girl who informed him that she and her family were destitute and it had become permissible for them to eat carrion. He accompanied the girl to their family home. When he saw their living conditions, he gave them whatever he had. This meant that he was unable to continue his journey to Makkah. For him feeding this family was more important than performing Hajj that year.

This event has significant relevance for us as Muslims. The atrocities carried out by various governments against innocent civilians, in places such as Kashmir, Rohingya, Palestine, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, Chad and China amongst others, are unspeakable and horrendous. They amount to nothing less than war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The performance of Hajj and Umrah annually, attracts millions of Muslims from all corners of the world. Among them a few thousand South Africans. If the world remains silent about the injustices perpetrated by these rogue governments, then we will be considered as approving the behaviour of these governments and by extension complicit in these carnages.

Islam is a religion that removes distinctions of wealth, class, position and authority.

The Media Review network is proud to be associated with justice-loving  Muslims all over the world during this period of Haj and the Festival of Sacrifice.

We wish all Muslims a very satisfying, serene, safe and peaceful Eid-ul-Adha. Ameen.

Executive and Staff of the Media Review Network