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The Zionist embassy in Manama: A shameful decline in political subservience 

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By Sondos Al-Asaad


September 26, 2023
There is no heinous delinquency worse than the crime of normalization with the temporary occupying entity. This is a conclusion agreed upon by the people of Bahrain and the Arab peoples, regardless of their sectarian or political views, as there is no anomaly or malignant cancerous tumor in the Arab body like the malignant Zionist presence.

Indeed, it is not a coincidence that this temporary entity purposely selects the dates of visits by its political figures to the Persian Gulf states, just as it is not a coincidence that its embassy has been opened in Manama at this specific time. Behind every date is a message that the temporary entity wants to consolidate!

Historically, the relations linking Bahrain’s ruling family with the temporary entity go back to the mid-nineties, but they have taken on a public and intimate nature since 2007, that is, a decade after the first political meeting that brought together Bahraini officials with Israeli ones.

Over the past two decades (1996-up to date), a pro-Zionist choir has been established in these states, fervent for defending the temporary entity and demonizing any resistance to it inside Palestine or in the Arab space.

This chorus now has a distinguished position, especially after the official announcement of the normalization agreements. Besides, they enjoy great support from the political decision-making centers in the occupation colonial entity. In parallel, the Persian Gulf regimes provide the services they need to exercise their assigned malicious role.

Despite this, most of them remain merely cheap tools manipulated by the temporary entity to pass its dangerous projects in the short and medium term, targeting the cultural and social construction of the Persian Gulf societies.

We may remember the supervisory and executive role played by Deputy Foreign Minister Abdullah Al Khalifa during his tenure as President of the Hamad Center for Peaceful Coexistence.

This center was established by royal order from Bahrain’s ruler, Hamad bin Issa, in 2018 and is affiliated with the Royal Court, and among its members is Ibrahim Nonoo, i.e. Israel’s man in Bahrain.

Over the past years, the center has been able to expand its work and is now busy with several major colonial projects, including amending the Bahraini education curriculum and orienting hundreds of Bahraini students to study in the occupied lands by granting them educational scholarships, in addition to other hidden projects that have not been publicly circulated yet.

According to naive data, and out of its desire to preserve the throne, Bahrain’s ruling family is betting that it is able to drag the people of Bahrain into accepting the occupation!! Nevertheless, it is delusional; This is evidenced by the fact that it has failed, since its occupation of Bahrain in 1783, to gain the confidence of the indigenous citizens or to establish with them never a common political opinion nor a political trust.

In practice, this naive bet represents a chronic reckless trauma among those who made the normalization decision, I mean the Al Khalifa family, which is in political and moral crisis!

In view of that, opposing normalization becomes a rational and a humanitarian demand because it means rejecting the logic of occupation in all its forms, especially those disguised by slogans of “coexistence and peace”, including the recent step of opening the Israeli embassy in Manama.

What is striking is that the Israeli enemy does not hide its projects, as the Zionist mentality is explicitly based on colonial hegemony and treating all other peoples as slaves, according to its Talmudic logic!

Accordingly, it can be asserted that the “Israeli embassy in Manama” will be the center of large-scale Judaization and hegemonic operations that will not only affect Bahrain’s cultural and political identity, but the entire region. It must also be mentioned that the Israeli embassy is a high-quality intelligence and espionage den that threatens West Asia’s and the entire world’s security.