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A Message from the Hamas office in South Africa

To our Muslim brothers and sisters in South Africa, respected Ulama, organizations, and all individuals,

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

On this Historic day, we want to express our strong commitment to Allah’s path.

By Allah’s grace, our brave fighters of the Al-Qassam Brigades, along with our Palestinian comrades, have taken action against the occupying Israeli Zionist forces in the sacred land of Palestine. This land of the Isra and Miraj of our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him.

The main reason for this campaign is the criminal Zionist aggression against Masjid Al-Aqsa and all sacred and holy sites.

We also oppose the occupation’s harsh treatment, including the killing of innocent Palestinians and their ongoing apartheid policies.

We’re pleased to inform you that the resistance is working as a united force and have achieved significant successes on the ground, with even more details to be announced soon.

On this auspicious day, a day dedicated to our struggle for the sake of Allah, we ask for your support. You can help in many ways, including spreading our just message, actively participating in events supporting our cause, giving financial support, and most importantly, making sincere prayers to Allah.

We firmly believe that victory from Allah is very close. We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Muslim Judicial Council, Jamiatul Ulama South Africa, Islamic organisations, and the Imams of all the mosques in South Africa for their unwavering support.

With appreciation and solidarity,

Saturday 07 October 2023

Your brother,

Emad Saber

The official representative of Islamic resistance movement-Hamas

South Africa