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A war of liberation has begun.

The launch of thousands of rockets from Gaza , the capture of Israeli soldiers and settler terrorists, the infiltration of 1948 Palestine has shaken the illegitimate Zionist regime to the core.

A sophisticated, coordinated attack by Hamas and Islamic Jihad on Palestinian territories illegally occupied by Zionist settler colonial terrorists that have been wreaking havoc on innocent Palestinian civilians for decades, was inevitable.

The strangulating siege on Gaza for more than 15 years, the daily killings, unending talks on the illusional two state solution, the charade of the “peace process”, demolishing of homes, bombardment and starving of the 2 million people in the full glare of the silent world have left the Palestinians with no other recourse than Resistance.

The Media Review Network urges the world community, and South Africa in particular because of its past history as a victim of Settler Colonialism, to support the Palestinians in every way possible in their just struggle for freedom.

Unless and until the Zionist Apartheid entity, responsible for committing egregious crimes against humanity is dismantled, the Palestinians, the region and the world will suffer from destabilization and misery.

Issued by:

Dr. Firoz Osman

Executive Member

Media Review Network


South Africa