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The unprecedented attack on Israel by Hamas and supported by Islamic Jihad is saluted as a game changing moment in the struggle to liberate Palestine from the shackles of the settler-colonial fascist Jewish state.

“We warned the enemy not to continue their aggression against the al-Aqsa mosque … The age of the enemy’s aggression without a response is over. I call on Palestinians everywhere in the West Bank and within the Green Line to launch an attack without restraint. Go to all the streets. I call on Muslims everywhere to launch an attack.” Mohammad Deif, Hamas’s military commander.

The PSA salutes the brave resistance of the Palestinian Freedom Fighters from the Lions Den to Gaza. The invasion into Apartheid Israel is an encouraging well-orchestrated Palestinian military campaign which reaffirms the right of an occupied nation to resist its occupier and coloniser.

The Hamas assault exposes the hypocritical and unconditional support for Israel by the leaders of the western world, some Arab normalisers and African states and the western media in general. It exposes the bias which unreservedly supports Ukraine but does not bat an eyelid when Palestinians are killed, tortured, detained without charge or trial, and much, much more.

Hamas, today has demonstrated the unprecedented spirit of the Palestinian people for Freedom and Justice, reminiscent of the South African resistance slogan: Freedom or Death… Victory is Certain!

As Palestinians reinvigorate their struggle to purge colonialism from their lands, we remain cognisant of the role of US imperialism in propping up Israel’s genocidal apartheid regime instead. The American government has already endorsed violent retaliation by Israel against Palestinians who are standing up for their right to dignity and self-determination. We know that the existence of the apartheid state of Israel depends on the military and financial support of the US and its nefarious sub-imperialist allies in the Middle East.

The Al Aqsa Flood is an expected human response to the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people in besieged Gaza, in the occupied West Bank, in the refugee camps and in Occupied Palestine.

It is an expected response to defend the Al-Aqsa Mosque and other religious sites from the now daily invasion by Jewish settlers. Let us be reminded that just this past Ramadhan worshippers were brutally attacked within the mosque by heavily armed soldiers and this past week Jews accessed Masjid Al-Aqsa under military protection while Muslim worshippers were restricted, assaulted and detained for wanting to pray.

It is an expected response to the increasing pogroms by illegal Jewish settlers on Palestinian communities. Just two nights past a 19-year-old Palestinian youth, Muhammed Labeeb was shot dead by a settler while the settlers raided the village of Huwarah.

It is an expected response against the daily house demolitions and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian communities like Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan

It is an expected response against the military occupation and administrative detention of thousands of Palestinian civilians and activists

It is an expected response against the daily killing of Palestinians, over 250 this year alone, many of who are children.

It is an expected response against the restrictions of Palestinian lives, including freedom of movement, access to amenities like water amongst and the withholding of the dead bodies of Palestinians, including of Sheikh Kader Adnan.

Hamas, has in this campaign taken the fight to the enemies of the Palestinian people, including the normalizing Arab states and the irrelevant Palestinian Authority agents of Israel. The political shift from the Hamas campaign is a positive move which will ensure the inevitable liberation of Palestine and Al-Aqsa.

We must recognise that for a people under oppression the resistance against the IDF as well as the racist Jewish settlers who are privileged from Israeli apartheid is an act of universal justice for the decades of human rights abuses.

As solidarity activists and supporters of struggle for a Free Palestine we need to open up new fronts in the resistance.

Just like all decolonial struggles of the past, the decolonial struggle in Palestine is an international one. Our freedom is inextricably interlinked to the freedom of Palestinians. It is our duty to mobilise support from the global South against the imperial forces which shackle Palestinians in chains and in refugee camps.

We need to hold accountable those protagonists in our political arena who arrogantly support apartheid and remain indifferent to the oppression of the Palestinian people. Zionism, which privileges Jews over all other people mainly Arabs is nothing less than racist ideology that underpins apartheid. Thus, there can be no place for anyone or any organization that promotes Zionism in a post-apartheid South Africa.

We need to open the front to Boycott those who profit from the occupation of Palestine and who fund the Israeli Military and illegal Jewish settlements.

We need to ensure that the NPA brings to justice those South Africans who illegally serve in the IDF as Jewish mercenaries who bullock the daily racist attacks on Palestine.

We call on workers, especially those at our Ports to stop handling any goods coming from or being exported to Israel.

We call on our religious leaders to unite our people in prayer and resistance.

Amandla to the Intifada

Victory to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade
Victory to the Freedom Fighters of Hamas & Islamic Jihad

Issued by:

The Palestine Solidarity Alliance
South Africa
7 October 2023