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Call for Solidarity with Occupied Palestine.

This unprecedented attack by Palestinian Resistance movements Hamas and Islamic Jihad has shocked the entire world.

But it should not come as a surprise given the years of brutality and humiliation by the Zionist Apartheid regime occupying Palestine.

Significantly, it points to a mammothintelligencee failure by the illegitimate Israeli entity, including its collaboration with the Palestinian Authority. (PA).
It is time for the PA to be totally dismantled

The valiant attack by the Resistance also sends a powerful message to the Arab regimes, Saudi Arabia in particular, not to continue its treacherous “normalization” plans with Israel.

We also urge South Africa to take the lead in cutting off all ties with the supremacist Israeli apartheid state forthwith.

Finally, the Media Review Network (MRN) appeals to all honourable people must support the Palestinian justified quest for justice!

Issued by:

Dr. Firoz Osman

Executive Member

Media Review Network


South Africa