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Ceasefire? the news reading poetry

This is the News

It is not a poem


Yesterday 27 October

The United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly

To stop the war on the Gaza

They called for a Ceasefire

A humanitarian truce


120 countries said: Basta! Enough! Stop the killings!

45 countries sat on the wobbly fence not sure if they preferred life for all or death

Germany was one of them, and they were duly scolded by the Israelis

“Friday’s abstention is morally wrong and history will judge this

Germany’s ‘reason of state’ means actively standing with Israel, especially in difficult times,” the Germans were told


14 countries voted against a truce, a cease fire and end to hostilities


Upfront was the leader of the so-called free world: the US of A

They were followed by the party imposing the wrath on the people of Palestine: Israel



Czechia (Czech republic)




the Marshall Islands

Papua New Guinea




Even the tiny country called MICRONESIA population size 113,131 (2021), voted for the war on the Gaza to continue

That being said

They  backed

the continued seizure of land, lives and livelihoods


As the votes were being counted

Palestinian bodies piled up 8,525

3,542 of them were children

and 2,187 women, while more than 21,543 people were injured


Israeli bombings continued..after the vote and continues as we read the news


The USA and Israel usually sing from the same hymn sheet

“NO Ceasefire…”

and taking a humanitarian pause

without blinken, sipping some water (More than what is available to Gazans everyday)

the US secretary of state continued

-A “ceasefire would simply leave Hamas in place

-So that they would regroup

-So that they would repeat what they did on October 7″


Israel, the 4th most powerful army in the world repeated their mantra of death:

NO! Calls for a cease-fire are calls are for Israel to surrender to Hamas

Calls for a ceasefire are calls

– to surrender to terrorism

Calls for a ceasefire are calls

-to surrender to barbarism

That will not happen.”


At the time of writing the ICC could not be found

and it is believed that they are still in hiding


Poetry could not make this up

Hassl 27 October 2023, the news writing poetry

Hassen Lorgat