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MRN Breaking: Arrest of Pro-Israel woman faces numerous charges including GBH.

Media Review Network welcomes the arrest of attorney Brenda Hurwitz.

She is a known activist of the pro-apartheid Israel Zionist movement in South Africa.

She has been detained and allegedly charged with assault with intent to do GBH, Grievous Bodily Harm, hate crimes and malicious damage to property and will appear in court for her bail application.

Hurwitz was involved in altercations with protesters marching peacefully to the Zionist Federation against crimes committed to innocent civilians in Palestine.

She is accused of splashing paint on a number of vehicles that were parked in the vicinity of the Protest and assaulting a Protester.

Hurwitz is recorded as yelling to female protesters “May you get raped “, “we will trace you and kill you” and this is “South Africa, not Gaza”.

We call on SAPS and the prosecuting authority to ensure that she faces the full might of the law.

We will not tolerate agents of Zionism to engage in or promote hate crimes against South Africans who justifiably are outraged by the relentless slaughter of Palestinians in the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Their right to protest against Israeli savagery and barbarism is not only a civic duty but guaranteed under the constitution.

We call on the authorities to press ahead with all additional possible charges against her via the Equality Court and the Human Rights Commission.

Issued by:
Iqbal Jassat
Executive Member
Media Review Network
South Africa
+2783 594 3749


Iqbal Jassat