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Stop Israel’s Genocide – NOW!

The Media Review Network (MRN) is appalled at the impotence of world leaders, especially the West, to stop the genocide unleashed by Israel on the hapless Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

The failure of International institutions such as the United Nations, ICC and ICJ, to bring about a stop to the carnage reinforces widely held perception, especially in the Global South, that they are simply tools for the Western powers and their allies.

The war in Ukraine that led to a warrant of arrest, hastily issued by the ICC for Russian leader Vladimir Putin for war crimes and genocide illustrates double standards and political bias.

Israel’s barbaric war crimes and crimes against humanity exceed Russia’s by far.

The apartheid regime’s genocide against the Palestinians is glaring and shockingly in your face. The deliberate targeting of hospitals, civilians, water and electricity infrastructure, ambulances and journalists, all under the pretext of finding elusive Hamas tunnels, has revealed the brutality of an unrepentant regime.

A shocking 15,000 civilians have been slaughtered, with triple that amount injured.

Worse than the half-hearted Western pleas for a ceasefire, is the shameful silence of the Arab and Muslim governing elite. Their misplaced dependence on the Apartheid Israeli settler colonial entity will lead to their ruin. It is a question of time before their illegitimate rule sinks into the desert sand.

The MRN is heartened by the support of the billions of justice -loving people globally. The challenge is to confront and demolish the racist, colonial forces complicit in Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people. Justice will prevail.

Issued by:
Dr. Firoz Osman
Executive Member
Media Review Network
South Africa