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Hamas’s 36 years struggle for Freedom, Dignity and Justice.

Thirty-six years ago, 14 December 1987, the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” a Palestinian Islamic national liberation and resistance movement, declared its goal is to liberate Palestine and confront the Zionist project. Its frame of reference is Islam, which determined its principles, objectives and means.

 The raison d’etre for the formation of Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, was to bring freedom, dignity and justice for the long-suffering Palestinian people. 

 After decades of broken promises for peace and independence, and encroaching colonization of their lands by Zionist settler colonialists, Hamas and Islamic Jihad claimed their universal right to launch a Resistance Movement.

 The steadfastness, fearlessness and courage is demonstrated by the current ‘Operation Aqsa Flood’, which has shaken the Zionist Israeli oppressors. 

 Apartheid Israel, supported by the elite of the Western rulers and the USA in particular, has been exposed for its stark brutality and hypocrisy. The genocide in Gaza will forever remain a blot in the image of the Western world.

 Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have already achieved a remarkable victory, albeit at a great cost to its civilian population. The future of Zionist Israel, its Western and illegitimate Arab rulers, are nearing its end.

Issued by:
Dr. Firoz Osman
Executive Member
Media Review Network
South Africa