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Media Statement by Nkosi ZMD Mandela, MP

We call on African governments to revoke docking permits for Apartheid Israel ships at all African ports.

Mvezo Komkhulu (The Great Place), 20th December 2023: The Global Anti Apartheid Movement’s Sanctions and Boycott Campaign was an effective catalyst in bringing Apartheid South Africa to its knees and instrumental in our march to freedom and democracy. Likewise, the actions by Ansarullah of Yemen in Bab El Mandib (Gate of Grief) in the Red Sea demonstrate that this is an effective strategy, and as in the case of Apartheid South, there will be those who engage in sanctions busting. Ansarullah have effectively dealt the supply route to Apartheid Israel a death knell and targeted all vessels under Apartheid Israel’s flag or any flag carry cargo to or from Apartheid Israel.

It is in this context that we salute Malaysia for giving practical expression to the global protest against the unfolding genocide in Gaza and all of Occupied Palestine.

By revoking the docking permits of Israel flagged vessels, it sends out a strong message to freedom loving nations of the world to join in protest.

Accordingly, we call on the South African government to likewise revoke the docking permits for all Israel flagged vessels to prevent them from entering our ports or docking anywhere on the South African coastline.

We call on our dock workers to refuse to handle any goods destined for Apartheid Israel or to offload vessels with goods originating from Apartheid Israel.

We call on all freedom loving people of the world to express support for this action. We call on all governments on the African continent, Latin America and Asia, to likewise follow the example of Malaysia in revoking docking permits for Israel flagged vessels. No Israeli flagged vessels must be allowed to dock as long as the occupation and genocide continue.

We remain committed to ending the genocide in Gaza and all of Occupied Palestine.



Nkosi Zwelivelile
Royal House of Mandela
Mvezo Komkhulu
P.O. Box 126
Viedgesville 5102
Eastern Cape Province
South Africa 🇿🇦