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‘Campaign Against Gaza Genocide’ Extends Gratitude to the Republic of South Africa

01/11/2024 – 14:12

 A delegation from the Campaign Against Gaza Genocide met in January, with the Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to Jordan, Her Excellency Ms. Tselane Mokuena, at the Embassy’s headquarters in Amman, to express support and gratitude on the bold position adopted by South Africa to file a genocide convention case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The campaign representatives highlighted the importance of the historical position of South Africa’s decision to expose Israel’s violations of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

Ambassador Mokuena emphasized that it is an obligation on the part of South Africa to expose the genocide committed against Gaza and the Palestinian people. “We understand the value of solidarity because South Africa is the product of International solidarity,” she said.

The campaign leaders briefed the Ambassador on actions taken thus far, including pressuring International and UN organizations to call out the genocide, and a petition signed by wide segments of Jordanian civil society, human rights activists and prominent figures in Jordan, calling upon the Jordanian government to intervene in support of South Africa’s case at the ICJ.  The campaign will continue urging other countries and governments to intervene and positively impact the court application filed by South Africa.

A discussion took place on the support needed from the civil society to further the South African position, and how to address the possible countermeasures by Israel.

One of the Campaign leaders, Rifat Audeh emphasized the positive prospects the case could bring about, and most importantly its contribution to enforce a ceasefire in Gaza. “We assert our complete support for South Africa, and we look forward to winning the case as it will be our guiding light and hope for justice,” he said.

‘Campaign Against Gaza Genocide’ Extends Gratitude to the Republic of South Africa | موقع عمان نت (