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National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL)

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Press Statement by NADEL on genocide case against Israel filed by South

Africa at the ICJ

The National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL) fully supports the case filed by South Africa against apartheid Israel for the crime of genocide in the territories of occupied Palestine.

The indiscriminate killing, maiming and displacement of civilians in Gaza, most of whom are women, children and the elderly, the denial of basic human rights and humanitarian aid to the Palestinians and the targeting and scale of the destruction of their homes, hospitals, schools and places of worship, constitute genocide.

Apartheid Israel and those countries that support it with military equipment, including the US, stand condemned. It must stop the genocide and make reparations to the Palestinians.

NADEL fully supports the relief being sought by SA and in particular calls on the ICJ to order the immediate end to the genocide being perpetrated against the Palestinians.

Our own colonial apartheid history in SA has sensitised us to the plight of the Palestinians’ and their suffering under the yoke of Israeli oppression, military occupation and genocide.Page he case has far-reaching implications and signals a decisive break for unbridled hegemony of Nazi-Zionism and its control over institutions which inflict fear and control over the marginalised and indigent in Palestine.

SA has clearly chosen to be on the right side of history in one of the most important political issues of our time.

We therefore commend the SA government for its principled stance in the face of powerful forces and wish the legal team only the very best in the presentation of this important landmark case before the ICJ on 11/12 January 2024.



Contact: Ms. Nolitha Jali,

NADEL Secretary General.

071 689 3705

07 January 2024