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Press Release by HAMAS on Germany’s decision to defend Zionist entity

We read with strong condemnation the decision of the German government to enter as a third party in the International Court of Justice, to defend the Zionist entity on the charges brought against it of committing the crime of genocide against our people in Gaza.

We expected that Germany had learned a lesson from its recent history, as it committed genocide more than once in the last century, the first of which was against the population of Namibia at the beginning of the last century.

It is not permissible, under any circumstances, for Germany to attempt to correct its sins, at the expense of our people and by defending the criminals who commit the crime of genocide and ethnic cleansing against our Palestinian people.

This position turns Germany into a direct partner in this aggression against our people, especially since it was preceded by political, diplomatic and military support throughout the 100 days of aggression.

We call on the German government to immediately retract this decision, and to stand by the Palestinian victims and their legitimate rights to freedom, independence, and the right to self-determination. We also call on the German people and their free forces, who care about humanity and peace to condemn this historical sin and stop these policies against our people.

Dr. Bassem Naeem
Member of the Political Bureau of Hamas – Gaza