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Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire. Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
Essay: Genocide 2023
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani.
This comprehensive “Genocide 2023” essay is in draft form and possibly in three parts that
permit updates. A draft format was chosen for several reasons: The Gaza/Palestinian situation is
highly fluid and will require regular updates; for ease of distribution without cost to readers and
people of interest; other formats, such as a book tome, will incur publisher’s criteria which are
often constraining, takes time and becomes an after the fact phenomenon; and to make use of the
social media environment that makes ease of distribution more possible. This essay is a voice to
support the Palestinian cause in overcoming their oppression. Moreover, a link for this essay will
be created on my website.2
( download this essay and use it as an avenue for
previously suppressed writings.
In principle, the thesis of this essay is anti-colonialism, overcoming the legacy of
conquering colonists’ worldwide domination of people who are not white and overcoming
capitalist hegemony over media outlets that prohibit freedom of thought and expression. (Many
would argue that free speech is the very essence of a liberal democracy with sensible limits.) The
aim is to communicate directly with the public “willing to lend an ear.” This process de facto
supports alternative media and overcomes the capitalist hegemony’s control over media outlets.
In South Africa, authors and writers had relatively limited opportunities for anti-regime
expression. As a result, thoughts and ideas found expression at conferences and public speaking
engagements. As I was a relatively high-profile academic and well-known in professional circles
as the lone black voice, it was challenging to prohibit me as a presenter. Consent was inevitably a
token gesture with patronization by the conference organizers to showcase that they were open to
alternate voices in a revolutionary context. Regardless, traditional, white-controlled journals
preferred “safe” topics that would not be critical of the South African Apartheid regime. In South
Africa, only one of my political and social justice articles reached publication, and this by a Black
1 Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: A trained clinical psychologist from South Africa and previously Professor and Head
of the Department of Psychology at Medunsa Medical University. I am currently residing in Canada. Author of the
book: “The Rats Had Never Left. Conquering Colonists and Systemic Racism- Decolonize Your Mind!” (Friesen
Press, 2023.)
2 Website: www. (Book “The Rats Had Never Left”).
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
alternative journal.
3 Upon invitation, an essay was published. As this was the only social justice
publication in South Africa, I still hold this publication with great pride.
To propagate change in the political discourse and narrative, I presented a Paper at the
Psychology National Conference (1987)4
about “The Role of Professional Associations/Societies
in a Changing Political Context: With Special Reference to Psychologists.” Interested listeners
received my presentation with interest, and attendance was due to name recognition and allowing
for my presence on the National Executive Committee.
However, my professional journey reached a collision course at “The Psychology National
Conference,” Annual General Elections (1986). I placed a formal motion on the agenda entitled
“To Condemn ‘The South African Medical Council’ for its collusion with the Apartheid Regime
in the death of Mr. Stephen Bantu Biko.” The state security police murdered Biko while in
detention without trial with the active complicity of white medical physicians. (I had the
opportunity to meet and know the famed “Biko.”5 while a university student in Durban, South
After strongly arguing for the motion, it was tabled and seconded by a white friend and
colleague with progressive democratic views. I ardently voiced why this condemnation was
necessary in the political climate of oppression. Moreover, it emphasized the need for
psychologists and all health professionals to avoid complicity and becoming accessories to Evil.
Furthermore, the Apartheid regime tortured and murdered many political opponents. (Throughout
this essay/s, I will use the word “Evil” with a capital “E” to describe evil regimes.) My motion of
condemnation was an attempt to further the cause of freedom and liberation from an oppressor
whose only interest was further domination of the black majority. As an expose, it was consistent
3 Abdusamaad Karani (1988): “A Perspective on some problems experienced by Black students at tertiary Education
Institutions – with particular reference to universities.” CEAPA Journal (Centre for Enrichment in African Political
Affairs), July/August/September 1988. ISSN 1011-6664
4 Abdusamaad Karani (1987). “The Role of Professional Associations/Societies in a Changing Political Context:
With Special Reference to Psychologists.” Psychological Association of South Africa Conference. University of
Cape Town. September 1987.
5 Mr. Steve Bantu Biko left Medical School as a third-year medical student at the University of Natal, Durban, to
further his revolutionary aspirations. Biko pioneered the Black Consciousness (BC) philosophy and movement. He
had an unshaken stance against the apartheid regime and inspired pride in the identity of being Black people in
South Africa as a self-identification rather than labelled as “non-white” – “non” meant nothing as a person of
humanity. During this period – 1965-9 as a university student in Durban- I was inspired to self-identify as Black, an
umbrella term for all who are not white. Biko inspired the hope of freedom among millions in South Africa and
elsewhere in Africa. Crucially, he was banned and detained several times by the Apartheid regime for his liberation
struggle. He was finally arrested in the Eastern Cape on August 18, 1977, and taken to the apartheid security police
headquarters in Port Elizabeth. During his detention without trials at the security police offices, Biko was tortured
and beaten to near death, suffered from traumatic brain injuries, and needed Intensive Care hospital medical
treatment. Instead of being admitted to a local hospital’s detention in the intensive care Unit, he was driven, with the
medical physicians’ consent, 700 miles (1,126 kilometres) to Pretoria in the back of a truck rather than an
ambulance without attendant care. On September 12, 1977, he died shackled naked on a filthy floor. Biko still stands
out as an enduring emblem of Black Consciousness.
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
with the political ideology of Black Consciousness as set out by Mr. Steven Biko for the Black
disenfranchised – that is, black Africans, “Coloureds” of mixed descent, and Indians (of Indian
The point in principle (and universally, too) was that no health professional should
cooperate and be complicit in being a state agent to torture prisoners and detainees. (This occurs
in Israel.) Unfortunately, collusion with an oppressor regime was evidenced in Mr. Steve Biko’s
case; the medical physicians were willing accessories in the death and murder of a detainee. Of
course, there were many other instances, too.
After the overwhelming white majority of psychologists defeated my motion, I resigned
from the National Executive Committee and as a member of the Professional Association for
Psychologists. I was the only resignation. Five other black professionals (of relatively junior
professional standing) were present. However, they did not resign for fear of being aligned with
“Sam Karani,” regarded as radical and revolutionary-minded.
My message was clear: Not to be ruled by fear, and the only way forward was resistance
to Apartheid in all possible avenues.
Finally, this essay is to support and give voice to the Palestinian resistance against the
greatest modern-day oppressor towards indigenous Palestinians, who are fighting and daily losing
lives, now numbering over 29,000.
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
Part One:
“Genocide 2023”6
Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified
“Him the Gods want to destroy makes mad first.”
“The Zionist argument to justify Israel’s present occupation of Arab Palestine
has no intelligent or legal basis in history … not even in their own religion.”
el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (Malcolm X)8
Many writers on Palestinian history cite Malcolm X’s prescient positional statement he
made about fifty years ago and is often used as a companion to Albert Einstein and others.9
Einstein, “It would be my greatest sadness to see Zionists (Jews) do to Palestinian Arabs much of
what Nazis did to Jews,” or Nelson Mandela, “We know too well our freedom is incomplete
without the freedom of the Palestinians,” and Mahatma Gandhi “Palestine belongs to the Arabs
(Palestinians) in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is
wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs.” As truisms, these statements have stood the
test of time.
The above personalities need no introduction to the annals of history as great minds and
humanists. All were highly educated (except Malcolm X), and their words still matter! (Malcolm
X was a high school dropout from the West Junior High School in Lansing, then Mason High
School in Mason, Michigan, US. His dropout was attributed to a white racist teacher who
discouraged and humiliated him in class by saying that no “nigger” should aspire to be a lawyer.
“Genocide 2023” is used as a code word of a truism (like “9/11”) of the Israeli genocide perpetrated on
defenceless Palestinian civilians, causing the deaths of over twenty-eight thousand defenceless victims.
In literature, the character of Prometheus speaks the phrase: “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad in
the poem.” The Masque of Pandora” (1875) by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. W. However, many scholars believe
that this saying predates 1875. An example is Euripides (?406 BC).
el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (Malcolm X), (2005): “Zionist Logic.” Socialist Viewpoint May/June, Vol 4, No 5. (The
Egyptian Gazette, September 17, 1964).
9 Angy Essam (2023). “Immortal Quotes That Shed Light On Palestine Struggle For Independence & Dignity.”
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
Ironically, like many others in history, this seemingly little event to an unknown child,
10 Malcolm
X sets people on the path of revolution, social justice, and consequent leadership.
It is my thesis that “Genocide 2023” is the beginning of the end of the Zionist state of
Israel as we currently know and understand it. Why? Humanity cannot continue to live in free
conscience and morality with a nation “state” or regime of self-declared killers proclaiming itself
as a democracy. Moreover, history is replete with examples of great empires crumbling to dust.
However, Israel is no great empire and on constant life support by the US, and a small nation-
“state” or regime with disputed borders created by colonial powers in 1948. It is no euphemism
that Israel is a fake state artificially created by the European colonists. The European colonials
had and still have the habit of playing God in many people’s lives who are unlike them as
Europeans and not “white.” Moreover, this act of just “giving” the Jews land inhabited for
centuries by indigenous Palestinians was the ultimate form of white racism, “white superiority,”
arrogance, European greed, and capitalism. The undercurrent was gross malevolence towards the
Palestinian people.
Ultimately, the “Gods will destroy” this small regime for its madness! When it precisely
occurs in history, it will inevitably be the dynamic of time and a “divine” process to restore a
more natural order in the environment, especially in Palestine.
Moreover, as I understand it, our world always pursues a natural order for stability. A
self-corrective force always comes into play in our universe and cosmos to create this order of
stability. Hence, Israel and its killers will meet their just fate and end!
Currently, not a moment passes with the world not constantly witnessing an in vivo
genocide tragically unfolding before them – that is, the “killing fields” of Gaza. “Genocide 2023”
is happening without any guise or pretensions by the Israeli genocidaire and with an open
admission by the regime’s wanton willingness to kill and slaughter indigenous Palestinian
innocents, and their ethnocidal intent made clear as well. This grievous killing after October 7,
2023, very soon reached the point when the Israelis, an innocent Palestinian child, were killed
every 10 minutes, and Israel’s complicit supporters finally began to express some discomfort after
about 60 days. The most recent number killed is over 30,000. However, these voices soon became
10 This type of putdown I can attest to when, in 1963 Standard Nine (Grade 11) at Lenasia High School, my English
teacher Mr. Pad…, out of frustration at being questioned about an issue, told me, “Karani with that attitude you
won’t amount to anything in life.” Years later, when I was Principal Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor at
the University of Natal, I met him in the streets of Johannesburg. After greeting him politely and enquiring about his
health, I informed him, without malice, of my current professional status and his brutally unkind remarks in his
judgment of me at the time. The same felt highly embarrassed. Also, I needed no apology from him but to reference
him for his unkind nature as a teacher, moulding future lives and wishing him well.
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
mute again as they suffered from laryngitis. (I now understand that laryngitis spreads as a social
contagion virus that robs many of their voices for humanity.) It is not an overstatement that the
people condoning this genocide lack empathy for Palestinian victims who are not “white” and
primarily Muslim. Moreover, the complicit supporters are making “a deal with the devil”
(Netanyahu and the Zionists) to perpetuate Genocide 2023 and, in the process, eliminate Hamas.
Many witnesses of Genocide 2023 cannot fathom and imagine that this is happening with
the “civilized” liberal democracies openly condoning genocidal killing as an Israeli “right to selfdefence.” As a result, many observers of this genocide suffer from psychological shock and trauma
by passively witnessing and imagining an improbable scenario in 2023.
Israel’s predetermined intent, even before October 7, 2023, was to eliminate Hamas from
Palestine. The attack by Hamas on the 7th provided political expediency to Israel, the US, the
neocolonial West, and some Arab states of a political pre-intent of “regime change,” Israel’s
security and defence with regular consultation with the US, are singing from the same choir sheet,
that is, about Hamas as “persona non grata” for the future of Palestine.
Hamas** won the Palestinian National Council elections (2006) and is a potent guerrilla
force. Consequently, the question for the malevolent neo-colonials became how to eliminate
Hamas (regime change) and prop up the Palestinian Authority and Abbas (who lost the elections
but are viewed very favourably by the US). The West has the uncanny and malevolent habit of
always backing the wrong horse. It is myopic when it wants a regime change of unwanted actors
seen as threats to its neocolonial national security, but often in dissonance with the local people’s
wishes. Ultimately, the anti-Hamas camp is self-interest-driven and creates a sequel of problems
for the future.
It is conceivable that the occupier (Israel) and the US had a preplanned political strategy in
place before the 7th
, which is why Biden immediately strongly supported Israel’s “war” on Hamas
as an ideal moment for regime change. Hence constantly echoing the theme of the elimination of
Hamas from Palestine. Therefore, a complete ceasefire of hostilities would leave Hamas in place
as the leading actor on the ground (and not in the tunnels only.) The irony is that these neocolonialists must be stupid to think that their game plan is not evident to the world.
Regime change for the US is a historical habit of removing unwanted leadership and
disregarding the will of the people in the “enemy” camp. Ever since there has been the constant
echoing of the statement that Hamas should not be a post-war player and that their lackey Abbas.11
Moreover, he should be reinstated again in Palestine, notwithstanding the will of the Palestinian
people. It is inconceivable after this conflict that Hamas would disappear into the ether and not be
a fact on the ground. Too many lives have Palestinian lives been lost for Hamas to walk away.
These types of actions are reminiscent of how the US created al-Qaeda (Osama Ben Laden as their
leader) and Sadam Hussain of Iraq and then when their prodigals became uncontrollable. The US
and its lackeys had to use their military to remove both in the quest for regime change.
11Abbas is the President of the State of Palestine and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
(** In 2006, Hamas won the Palestinian legislative election by campaigning on armed
resistance against the Israeli occupation and securing a majority in the Palestinian Legislative
The cost of Israel’s “war” on the Palestinians after October 7 meant large-scale destruction
of Gaza and all its infrastructure, with tens of thousands of civilian casualties. The deaths
overwhelmingly were non-combatants and primarily women and children, and this was of no
moral account to the Israelis, the US, and its acolytes. (“War” in inverted commas as a nuclear
regime waging conflict against the indigenous insurgency and killing overwhelmingly noncombatants, primarily women and children, is by definition not to be characterized as a war, but
oppression and killing is a conflict.)
So why did Hamas attack Israel on October 7? The answer is evident: For the oppressed
living under occupation, constant suffering, restricted to a concentration camp, as a stateless people
with no freedom of movement or free speech, experiencing constant murder and humiliation, and
repeated genocidal attacks, to the Palestinians, this status quo was no longer tolerable. Moreover,
the Middle Eastern political events and climate were shifting too rapidly towards “normalization”
with Israel of major Arab countries’ complicity, the US political maneuverings to the total
detriment of the Palestinian people and their quest for statehood. Therefore, fighting the oppressor
and colonizer was imperative sooner rather than later, even if it meant death and destruction, as
the situation was catastrophic.
Albert Camus reflects on this mortal difficulty of living under the oppression of colonists.
Kabel and Phillipson (2021)12 makes a citation of Camus as stating that the most crucial
philosophical difficulty, as a result for the oppressed, is “suicide,” which will destroy the oppressed
(psychologically too) if oppression is ignored. Camus indicated the intersection between structural
violence and suffering, which are mediated differentially. Therefore, the oppressed must ultimately
decide whether life is worth living under grievous oppressive conditions, such as the ongoing
Israeli occupation. Hamas answered this fundamental philosophical question: To fight to the death!
However, Camus further indicated that all other questions follow from that question answered.
The necessity of resisting is Camus’ philosophical question, which is the same for all oppressed
people and resistance movements.
The oppressed of South Africa answered this question with the need for resistance and
violence: Both the ANC (African National Congress) and PAC (Pan African Congress) developed
military units to resist the Apartheid oppressor forcibly. Ultimately, their resistance won,
Apartheid was eliminated, and the people were free! Therefore, why should the Palestinians not
follow the South African example?
For Hama’s fighters, as Muslims, to die in the cause of their freedom and liberation was
propelled by their Muslim faith in Islam as a calling from Allah (Jihad) to die as martyrs, to
12 A. Kabel, & R. Phillipson (2021): “Structural violence and hope in catastrophic times: From Camus’ The Plague
to Covid-19. Race & Class,” 62(4), 3-18.
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
eliminate the oppressor, and live forever in the hereafter (Aghera)13 In paradise, as death in this
world means nothing in the end!
This fighting-to-death religious ideology that many Muslims endearing is an extraordinary,
foreign, and frightening idea for non-Muslim people. As Muslims, their absolute faith in their
religion (Islam) means not to fear death. Ultimately, as a result, an idea never dies as it cannot be
defeated when premised on their religion. Moreover, there are many examples of this ultimate
belief from survivors pulled from under the rubble of the bombing chanting “Allahu Akbar,” a
common Arabic phrase meaning “Allah is [the] greatest,” and Palestinian Muslim mothers holding
their dead children in their arms and proclaiming that their children died as martyrs and Jannat
(paradise) awaits them. Therefore, to the people of Palestine, the religion of Islam and being a
Muslim is not a convenience but an absolute in life. Moreover, it is true at a universal level, too.
Joe Biden
The lead supporter and propagandist of Israel is Joe Biden (President of the US, a selfdeclared Zionist). Metaphorically, Biden is the choir leader, and most choir members are listed
below. He shamelessly demonstrated his unwavering allegiance and support immediately after the
unexpected but successful Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023. Furthermore, Biden, in
declaring his relentless support for Israel and providing political cover to Israel, propagated many
false narratives as part of the propaganda machine, including the citation of Hamas’ behaviour of
beheading babies and raping women. Therefore, according to Biden, Israel was the victim of an
evil and barbaric force that had attacked an innocent Israel. In effect, Biden was countering
“barbarism,” by his definition, with Israeli barbarism.
However, many of the deaths that occurred on October 7 were also caused by Israeli
ruthless military actions and implementation of the “Hannibal” military policy.14 Also, this
narrative of raping and beheading of innocent Israeli babies has been debunked as blatant Zionist
propaganda to garner political support for Israel.
Regardless, Biden has a history of poor judgment of wars against Muslims, for example,
when he actively supported the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and later admitted that he made
13 An approximate explanation, according to Islam, Allah (God) will judge each person’s deeds on earth and how
they lived their lives as Muslims in the temporal world. Allah will decide whether a person’s journey after death,
known as “ākhirah” / “aghera” (afterlife), lies in Jahannam (Hell) or Jannah (Heaven) based on the weight of their
actions of either good or bad deeds in this world according to the prescribes of their faith (Islam). Therefore, to die
in the cause of their religion is “jihad” if it is a sacrifice, such as the elimination of the oppressor who oppresses
you, steals and destroys your land and property, and also destroys your places of worship (mosques). Hence, you die
as a martyr.
Moreover, each person’s soul returns to their creator, awaiting the “Day Of Judgement.” In Islam, Muslims take
solace in knowing that they will be united with those they love and that death is just the beginning of the journey to
their permanent home in the afterlife.
14 The Hannibal Directive or Hannibal Protocol is the name of a controversial procedure that’s used by the Israeli
Defense Forces (IDF) to prevent the capture of Israeli soldiers by enemy forces. In the process, killing of their own
people is acknowledged as a reality.
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
a “mistake” that cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Admitting to a “mistake” does not redeem
the mistake that cost hundreds of thousands of lives in war. His actions are more attributable to his
warmongering nature, racism, and anti-Muslimism. Biden is a Christian and a regular churchgoer.
However, as a warmonger, he conveniently forgot his scriptures: “What does it profit a man to
gain the whole world and lose your soul.” (Bible scripture Mark 8:35.)
A philosophical question:
Can any individual be forgiven through repentance when
responsible for the death of thousands of innocent lives?
Israel’s “right to self-defence”
In support of Israel’s absolute “right to defend itself,” Biden, as Commander in Chief of
the US armed forces, immediately instructed two aircraft carriers to protect Israel. It is uncanny
how a nuclear regime (Israel) needed such massive arms support to fight an internal guerrilla
resistance movement in the tiny Gaza Strip. Was this in preparation for a wider regional war as a
possibility, such as the bombing of Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran? The immediate
shipping of two aircraft carriers and significant military arms and ammunition was to publicly
intimidate Hamas’ supporters that “do not mess with our closest ally” in the Middle East.
Regardless, the message from Biden was: “I have this massive power to destroy you if you do not
stand down.” He behaved like a typical bully and “The Ugly American”15 who was at it again!
(The “Ugly American” is a pejorative stereotype depicting Americans when abroad as exhibiting
loud, arrogant, self-absorbed, demeaning, thoughtless, ignorant, and ethnocentric behaviour.) The
world immediately recognizes this “Ugly American” talk and is familiar with their arrogance and
Moreover, many billions of dollars were immediately given to Israel without a public ask
(this was in addition to the annual gifting of 3.9 billion dollars), including massive amounts of
arms and ammunition. This complcit support was aiding and abetting the killer Netanyahu and his
sociopaths. Hence, the US political establishment used American taxpayer dollars for a misguided
American war adventure. The only benefit is filling the coffers of America’s enormous arms
industry, perhaps the most profitable during conflicts.
15 Eugene Burdick and William Lederer (1958): “The Ugly American.” (ISBN10: 0393356728). Today, the phrase is
shorthand for US people wearing inappropriate clothing, such as in the Vatican, and loud shouting worldwide. The
impolitic tourists are not drunken backpackers or incidental travellers but also the so-called educated elite of the
diplomatic corps, and their insensitivity to local language and customs prompted this caricature. The American
abroad either lacks insight or does not care to be seen as “boorish.” The book’s most enduring legacy is the
argument that the US spends billions on the wrong aid projects while overlooking the almost costless and far more
helpful ones. They criticize well-meaning Western policymakers who arrive in a country with notions of “capacity
building” and “democratization” but little local knowledge and even less patience. Recent examples are Afghanistan
and Iraq.
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
Regarding the regular transfer of massive funding to undeclared wars, Ukraine and Gaza,
the American taxpayer is being fleeced without consent and at the political will of their politicians’
military adventures abroad. There is dissent regarding this but to no avail. After former President
Lyndon B Johnson’s administration in the 1960s escalated the war in Vietnam and derailed the War
on Poverty program, the federal government has increasingly defunded social spending and
devoted enormous proportions of its overall budget to militarised programs.
According to a May 2023 report by the National Priorities Project, 62 percent of the federal
discretionary budget – $1.1 trillion – went to these military programmes in the 2023 fiscal year.
Relatively, “less than $2 out of every $5 in federal discretionary spending was available to fund
investment in people and communities”, including public education, housing, and childcare,
among other social programmes. Moreover, now the American taxpayer is funding a genocide in
Regardless of the cost to their taxpayer, immediately Biden’s choir sang the same tune,
mainly the British, Canadians, New Zealand, Australians, and Europeans.
As always, the Western media again unashamedly parroted the false narrative of an evil
Hamas without any reservation and, like “baying hyenas,” showed their true racist colours. The
Western media’s lack of professional integrity is evident by not being “evidence-based,” willing
participants to complicity, agents to propagate propaganda, lacking moral respect for facts and
truth, and needing no invitation to be part of the Biden “choir” group. They are deeply embedded
in white superiority and racism.
As a warmonger, Biden’s history is obvious, especially regarding the illegal invasion of
Iraq in 2003: McDermott and Kaczynski (2023)16 fact-checked Biden’s history on the illegal
invasion of Iraq. As a former Vice President, Joe Biden misrepresented his past position on the
Iraq War. “He was never entirely opposed to military action against Saddam Hussein, and Biden
continued to defend his vote to authorize the war in the months after the US military campaign
began.” Biden argued that he supported the resolution to go to war to remove weapons of mass
destruction from Iraq (which was a total lie as there were no weapons of mass destruction.)
Moreover, Biden continued, “I am not opposed to war to remove Saddam from those weapons if
it comes to that.” Once more, the “Ugly American” was arguing for regime change.
Before the above fact-checking, Zhao (2020)17 stated that Biden admitted voting for the
Iraq War ‘Was a Mistake,’ but he did it “…because he wanted to prevent a war.” Reading this makes
me wonder about the irony and logic of supporting a war abroad (with dubious CIA intelligence)
only to prevent a war. What a massive contradiction, indeed! Having heard and watched him on
TV before the invasion of Iraq, arguing persuasively for the invasion of Iraq, one could only
believe Biden’s words if one is of vacant intelligence. In simple terms, Biden was being egregious.
16 Nathan McDermott and Andrew Kaczynski (2023): “Joe Biden says he opposed the Iraq War soon after it started.
A record check shows otherwise.”
17 Christina Zhao (2020). “Biden Admits Voting for Iraq War ‘Was a Mistake,’ Says He Did It Because He ‘Wanted to
Prevent a War.’
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
Double Standards And Moral Hypocrisy
Adopting a blatant racist double standard of morality is hypocrisy by the US and its cohorts,
and their complicity is evident in their contradictory open support for Ukraine’s resistance against
a foreign occupier (invaded by Russia in February 2022) and not equivalently for Palestinian
occupation by Israel.
This political double standard and hypocrisy are evident in Canada as a clear example of
their morally bankrupt and vacuous position. It was illustrated by Christina Freeland (deputy prime
minister of Canada) of Ukrainian descent: In a news conference with Prime Minister Trudeau in
concert with his deputy, Freeland remarked that it is a struggle for democracy and the Ukrainians
whose “only fault is that they are smaller, and their militaries are not as powerful.”18 However,
what about Palestine, which is even smaller, and Gaza, a mere strip of land with no military?
Furthermore, to support her point in the struggle to preserve democracy, Freeland grandiosely
highlighted a fundamental principle: “There are moments in history when the great struggle
between freedom and tyranny comes down to one fight in one place, which is waged for all of
humanity” (Wherry, 2022.)
19 By itself, it is a profound statement but from a vacuous philosopher.
Why? Regarding the Palestinian struggle for freedom from occupation, and now a rather long
moment in history from 1948, Freeland suffers from laryngitis, too. What is clear about Freeland’s
failure to make an equivalent similar profound statement for Palestine, where there is no
democracy, the ongoing fight against tyranny, and the struggle for freedom and self-determination,
is her moral hypocrisy and double standard. Moreover, this is consistent with the broad support by
the West displayed for Ukraine and not Palestine. Hence, this morally bankrupt and double
standard needs an explanation: It is invariably a racist position displayed by the supporters of
Ukraine for democracy patented as a whites-only product as the Palestinians are not regarded as
“white” and “don’t look like us” but look like Muslims. Hence, in principle, a racist position and,
by Freedland logic, this moment in history must bypass Palestine.
Never has the West been more nakedly exposed by the irony of its lack of moral
equivalence, vacuousness, and political hypocrisy. Western morality is an “emperor without any
clothes” in the world of politics. They have been compromised as never before due to their lack of
credibility and are invariably fully cognizant of the newfound lowlife status of their own making.
However, it is doubtful they would sufficiently care to change their character. Why? The
sociopathic nature of the West (like the Israeli regime) characterizes this! Proof of this is their lack
of support for the Palestinian right to resist an occupier as being beyond mere complicity but as
actual accessories to genocide and war crimes. Therefore, they are equally culpable for war crimes
against humanity. Regardless, the previous colonial powers and neo-colonialists are not easily
fazed into shame by Genocide 2023. Why? Their sordid history as conquering colonists, their Evil,
arrogance, and domination know no limits.
18 Paul Wells (January 28, 2022). “No, really, we are fighting for democracy.”

No, really, we’re totally fighting for democracy

19 Aaron Wherry (2022). “The international order is under attack — and Ukraine might not be the end of it.”
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
There is a difference between complicity to Evil and becoming an actual accessory to Evil.
The latter implies that you know and understand Evil is being committed but, as cohorts, are still
willing agents to aiding and abetting for death and destruction to be committed. The proof of this
is the continued supply of arms and money to a genocidaire. In the process, not as a witness but as
an active participant to the fact, that is, as actual accessoriesto genocide and war crimes. Therefore,
the Canadian Prime Minister and his vacuous philosopher deputy (Freeland) must be held legally
liable for crimes against humanity (war crimes) as they are fully cognizant of their Evil in
Western Media
As we witness “Genocide 2023,” there are two simultaneous “wars” taking place: The real
tragic one in Palestine and the other in reporting the truth, and the actual unfolding facts on the
ground without undue manipulation. The propagation of accurate news reporting and acceptable
moral standards of good journalism cannot be overemphasized. Too often, with its poor integrity,
the traditional Western media becomes actual players in the event rather than professional reporters
with an imbibed sense of professional ethics, and it is crucial to good journalism reporting as it
powerfully influences information available to the public and its shaping of opinion. “Bad” or
“misreporting” often for nefarious reasons that serve vested political interests on the side of
capitalism**20 Moreover, power brokers that only serve elitism are very prejudicial to factual
events on the ground. It can bear little resemblance to the event and mislead the public away from
the facts and truth. Therefore, truth suffers. (Being truthful at the best of times can be a difficulty.)
The result of poor journalism is that facts become a matter of opinion, and this interpretation that
the more powerful can manipulate, unfortunately, only furthers the oppression of people suffering
and a reduction of humanity.
It is perhaps the first time in modern history and media that the mainstream is losing to
alternative media, and individuals “tweeting” or “posting” have overcome the behemoth of
Western media. Hopefully, it is a lesson well learned, especially by dishonest politicians
encouraging and complicity in furthering human suffering. As stated at the beginning of this essay,
“Him the Gods want to destroy, makes mad first.” The madness of the Western media is now fully
exposed, and their power is relatively denuded. Their absolute power and control will also be
ultimately destroyed.
Never has the world seen the “real” and factual narrative being driven by alternative media
at an individual level and in group forums (chat sites). World opinion, sympathy, and empathy
have shifted towards favouring the oppressed and the oppressor with their traditional power,
playing a defensive role. Their Western media power base has been inverted, and the triangle sits
20 **Greed is the root and foundation of capitalism and colonialism: Historically, unfettered capitalism and
powerful militaries conquered lands of the “others,” dominated, and killed with genocidal actions. They selfishly
procured the riches of the land and its resources for the benefit of the Western colonials, no matter the cost.
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
on its tip rather than its base. However, this newfound momentum must continue as the “narrative
war” is only the beginning. Individuals in history have often felt powerless and unable to change
the course of history and shape humanity. This perception reinforces this writer’s long-held view
of believing in the “Power of One” (Karani, 2023).21 It illustrates how individuals have made a
difference in crucial issues such as poverty and climate change.
“The Power of One” is shifting to the “Power of One in Social Media.”
At this stage in history, this “Power of One” is a significant untended consequence due to
“Genocide 2023,” the individual is often reduced to impotence and must feel unimportant and
disempowered in their humanity.
The Western media’s loyalty remains true to itself as being racist, and the saying holds that
“a leopard never changes its spots.” The Western media are like baying hyenas, and they find it
impossible to change their character (their spots say) and with an unwillingness to change their
historical racism. They function as an essential bastion to protect white superiority and capitalism
with the use of their hegemony and the loudest megaphones. The contradiction and irony are that
they were easily offended by extreme right-wing outlets in their society of self-declared white
supremacy groups.
To illustrate the above point of the Western media’s loyalty to racism and feeling offended
when the previous President of the US, Donald Trump, a classic example with his loud megaphone,
became a focal point for CNN and Western media. De facto, this made Western media feel good
about themselves and their biased journalism so they could loudly pontificate out of
embarrassment about bad people in their societies as not reflecting their true moral character –
how ironic indeed. Karani (2023)22 Chapter 12 comprehensively outlined this denial response and
indicated that their typical haloed response was “This is not who we are,” but in effect, only
masking their racism. A blatant example is “CNN” coverage during the “Black Lives Matter
Protests” in 2022 after the police killing of George Floyd (Karani, 2023)23 with severe criticism
levelled at “right-wing” white supremacist groups and “Fox News.” (It was ironic that “Black
Lives Matter” coverage was contingent on the good grace of white media coverage.) Moreover, it
became an ideal moment for CNN to play the “good guy” role. However, the difference is only in
the degree of culpability of traditional white media; that is, just being lower on the same totem
pole of racism is not a recommendation of good morality. (On the totem pole of racism, CNN, and
this is no recommendation being lower than Fox News.).
The background of white media bias is its domination by Jewish capitalism and hegemony
of control. In the process, they are always looking for opportunities to conflate race issues with
21 Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani (2023): “The Rats Had Never Left. Conquering Colonists and Systemic RacismDecolonize Your Mind!” (Friesen Press, 2023, p. 50).
22 Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani (2023): “The Rats Had Never Left. Conquering Colonists and Systemic RacismDecolonize Your Mind!” (Friesen Press, 2023, Chapter 12, p.176).
23 Ibid, Chapter Six’s “Floyd’s Butterfly” p. 92 and Chapter Seven, “I Can’t Breathe … Mama” p102.
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
antisemitism and underemphasize Islamophobia. CNN admitted to editorial control by external
Zionists control, and this is mentioned below.
An essential understanding for any oppressed people is not to trust the Western media if
you are not “white” and do not “look like us” (that is, white Europeans), and more especially if
you look Muslim. Furthermore, they have meager expectations of their moral standards and truthreporting journalism. The Western mainstream media’s (CNN, BBC, CBC, et al.) role in historical
ongoing racism is “always again,” and with the loudest megaphone. Their journalism is forever
stained by wittingly becoming an extension of the Zionist propaganda machine. Facts and truth do
not matter when it concerns Israeli Zionism.
Evidence of complicity is stated by Conley (2024), who cites a spokesperson for the CNN
network that confirmed to The Intercept that its news coverage about Israel and Palestine is run
through and reviewed by the CNN Jerusalem bureau — which is subject to the IDF’s censor. The
Israelis restrict foreign news outlets from reporting on certain subjects if they do not meet their
propaganda guidelines, which have been in place for years. Furthermore, there is credible evidence
that this applies to many other Western news outlets, such as the BBC. As Genocide 2023 unfolded,
this propaganda has been unceremoniously exposed.
Moreover, the Western Media needed no lessons from the Nazi propaganda machine. The
difference this time is a real-time issue of genocide that serves as an example in real-time to the
world at large. Referencing this issue of media complicity, Krishnan (2024)24 highlights with
1. The Israeli assault on Gaza (Palestinian enclave) – which is proving to be one of the swiftest
ethnic cleansing efforts in history – Western news organizations have repeatedly published
unsubstantiated claims, told one side of the story, and glossed over violence selectively to
justify Israel’s violations of international law and shield it from scrutiny.
2. Western journalists have abandoned the basic standards of responsible journalism.
3. On August 6, 2022, more than a year before Hamas’s October 7 attack on Israel, “The New
York Times” buried the lede on the deaths of six Palestinian children in its report on a
“flare” in “Israel-Gaza fighting.”
4. Israeli civilian deaths are always highlighted rather than the murder of Palestinians, known
as “breathless reporting,” in journalism.
5. It must be more professional and shaped by neo-colonial ideology rather than rigorous factchecking.
6. Krishnan alludes to the salient point that the dominant story is often not true – it is merely
the story of the victors.
“The New York Times” and its support of Eugenics, colonialism, and ultra-biased reporting is
illustrated in their reporting in the caging of Ota Benga (a pygmy abducted from Congo, displayed
in a carousel at an international scientific congress.) At the end of the congress, Ota Benga was
24 Krishnan, V. (2024). “Western coverage of Gaza: A textbook case of colonizer’s journalism. Israel’s war on Gaza
has exposed the true nature and purpose of Western media.”
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
caged in a zoo with primates in 1916 as housing for him. This extreme bias of “The New York
Times” is discussed by Karani (2023.)
25 Moreover, the publisher took umbrage over the local black
clergyman’s objections to Ota Benga’s caging in a zoo. “Their editors were shocked that anyone
might protest this display. Furthermore, Mr. Ota Benga, according to their information, is a
“normal specimen” of his race or tribe, with a brain as much developed, of arrested development,
and closer to the anthropoid apes. What a disgraceful, morally vacuous position for The New York
Times to have indulged in social Darwinism. The New York Times’ position is a classic case of the
pot calling the kettle black. As an idiom, racists should not criticize someone else for their own
Discovery of Oil and Gas Fields Offshore Palestine
There is much speculation as to the underlying reason(s) for Israel’s military actions in
Gaza. Many writers and social media have advanced the main reason for invading Gaza was
Israel’s bombing of the enclave to seize an offshore gas field. Zaccour (2023)26 cites Hacen Soli,
who suggested that the war in Gaza “was never about Hamas” and that Israel was destroying the
enclave’s infrastructure “so they can benefit from the natural gas reserves” indicated by an
Egyptian dentist in a video that got over 500,000 views on TikTok. Using the same argument,
Werleman (2023), an Australian commentator with 170,000 followers on YouTube, described the
war as “genocide motivated purely by greed and profit.” Zaccour further cites Richard Medhurst,
a Syrian-British journalist, who sees the war as part of a broader Western plan to promote Israeli
gas exports through the new India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), which runs
from India, through the Gulf and Israel, to Europe. “All the while cutting off Russian, Iranian, and
Arab gas from the international market,” and that is precisely why they are in Gaza slaughtering
Palestinians (in a video that got 125,000 likes on Instagram)
Zaccour (2023)27 takes a contrarian position that these theories, with dubious
interpretations, pose a serious problem: “They explain a complex and multifaceted war solely
through the geostrategic prism. Yet even this geopolitical argument doesn’t hold.” The Gaza
Marine natural gas field, discovered by British Gas in 2000 and located offshore the Gaza Strip, is
estimated to hold 32 billion cubic meters of natural Gas. It is complemented by a smaller 3 billion
cubic meters field near Palestinian and Israeli territorial waters. These estimates exceeded the
needs of the Palestinian territories in energy. They represent a bonanza of $700 to $800 million a
year, according to Palestinian economist Samir Hulileh. However, Gaza Marine was never
developed because of Israel’s objections. Israel feared that the Palestinian territories would gain
energy independence and that the revenues would end up in Hamas’ pockets. Faced with successive
deadlocks, Royal Dutch Shell acquired Gaza Marine in 2016 through its acquisition of BG Group,
which gave up its stake to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 2018. However, on June 18, 2023,
25 Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani (2023): “The Rats Had Never Left. Conquering Colonists and Systemic RacismDecolonize Your Mind!” (Friesen Press, 2023, p. 81).
26 Amélie Zaccour (2023): “Gas at stake in Gaza? Why this theory doesn’t hold true.”
27 Ibid
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
Israel reversed its position, giving its preliminary consent to an agreement between the PA and an
Egyptian consortium, which includes the Egyptian state gas company EGAS, to develop the Gaza
Marine. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu nevertheless stated that progress on this issue
would depend on “preserving the State of Israel’s security and diplomatic needs,” requiring security
coordination between Cairo and Ramallah.
Zaccour further stated that it is illogical to believe that after 20 years of objections, Israel
finally approved the development of the field, only to bomb Gaza four months later just to get its
hands on it. Regardless, the Israeli regime is mad enough to do this type of illogical thing.
Despite Zaccour’s strong contrarian argument, the position expounded by the social media
protagonists will remain as it is a matter of essential trust, as there is little trust and faith in any
Israeli intentions. Hence, the argument becomes intransigent.
Whatever the merits of both protagonists and antagonists, the reality is that Israel is an
occupation force on Palestinian land, and whoever controls the land will possibly control the
resources such as natural Gas. It cannot be denied that Palestinians will and should benefit from
the exploitation of natural Gas. The related question of Hamas benefiting from the natural gas
revenue is a moot point, simply because Hamas is not the enemy of Palestinians, but Israel is.
Awakening Of Political Consciousness
Genocide 2023 has led to a massive “awakening” of the political consciousness of Palestine
and given rise to alternative voices. It is illustrated by massive ongoing worldwide street protests,
sometimes numbering in the tens and hundreds of thousands. Citywide activism has been
witnessed across all continents (South Africa, Canada, the USA, the UK, Europe, the Middle East,
and elsewhere). Notwithstanding the Israeli genocidal actions as a repeat offender, there is
mounting anger about the aiding and abetting of impunity to Israel’s barbaric behaviour, the blind
faith support for the egregious killing of innocent civilians, mainly women and children who are
innocent and non-combatants, the destruction of homes and infrastructure, and the bombing of
health facilities with patients and health staff. The massive role that capitalists play in the Westcontrolled media with Jewish links and the racist biased reporting and suppression of alternate
voices. Moreover, a growing majority of people are deeply offended by their voices being
suppressed and distorted by “journalism” to favour Israel and Zionism.
Some examples of human rights activism
1. “SA (South African) Muslims Ontario Ladies,” under the very charismatic and
politically conscious leadership of Ms. Zaheera Soomar and others such as Ms. Rehana
Coovadia, led the boycotts in my hometown, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. They often
brave the winter weather of sub-zero temperatures, such as minus fifteen and a wind
chill of over twenty-five centigrade, on overhead bridges flying the Palestinian flag and
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
extraordinarily showing their sisterhood in Islam to the women, children, and people
of Palestine.
2. Also, Tolajian L. (2024),
28 a Jewish student activist makes the essential point of the
wrongful conflating of any criticism of Israel with antisemitism. Moreover, conflating
antisemitism with criticism of a modern apartheid state is dangerous historical
revisionism. Why? The conception of Zionism has always existed with solid and
diverse Jewish opposition to it. Tolajian further stated that for decades, progressive
Jewish movements have held Zionism to be a dangerous form of nationalism, with
some Holocaust survivors openly denouncing Zionist policies. While disagreement will
always exist within the Jewish community, Zionist nationalism is not the standard.
In summary, Western media’s historical bias remains grounded in the dialectics of global
power relations as shaped by Western domination and the Jewish lobbies, capitalism, racism, and
present-day conquering colonialists.
Jewish Holocaust Victims The Greatest Genocidaire.
To recognize Jewish holocaust victims as the greatest genocidaire of the genocide of
Palestinians (“Genocide 2023”) in modern history is a tragic repeat (copying) by Israel of grievous
learning and role modeling of Hitler’s Nazi regime. Genocide 2023 is perpetrating a like-minded
holocaust on innocents – history well learned indeed! The reality of Israeli instinctive response to
any form of criticism is to follow Hitler’s Propaganda Minister (Joseph Goebbels)29 script to
“accuse the other side of that of which you are guilty.” Inevitably, this and other Israeli state actions
attest to the Jewish regime being a perfect student of Hitler.
Parenthetically, the tragic history of discrimination against Jews in Europe over the centuries,
including expulsions, needs mentioning as the Palestinians are paying the cost of Europe’s evils.
Extensive citations of Jewish expulsions30 Many countries, especially Europeans, are on record
from the third century BC. Jews were treated as pariahs. However, Palestinians were not culpable
for these historical expulsions of Jews.
The consequential narrative emerging from Genocide 2023 is Biden’s role with his acolytes
of blatantly aiding and abetting Israel as genocidaire, of providing political cover to Israel and
Zionists, providing unlimited funding of billions of dollars and lethal weaponry to a nuclear regime
28 Tolajian L. (2024). “We, Jewish students, must not be silent on the genocide in Gaza.”
29 Heiber, Helmut (2024): “Joseph Goebbels”. Encyclopedia Britannica. Accessed January 18, 2024
30 Adapted and Updated from: “Antisemitism,” Keter Publishing House, Jerusalem, 1974:
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
comprising of bloodthirsty Israelis. The collaboration and accessory role in the genocide of
Palestinians (especially women and children) knows no limits. The lowlife (low moral character)
level of hypocrisy, moral vacuousness, shameless Zionist propaganda, and troubling political
double standards of white racism and capitalism is not surprising but possibly a rude political
awakening for many.
As a writer with a historically prejudiced perception of the West and living in the West, it
makes it difficult to know that your government in Canada is supporting war criminals.
Notwithstanding the power of Western media hegemony, there will be a new world order
due to the newfound people power, social media, worldwide street protests for broader social
justice for all of humanity, and the creation of their own authentic, unfiltered narrative. People
must take their governments back forcefully, as they will never change.
Power concedes nothing! “The ruling South African Apartheid regime’s abdication
demonstrated that systemic power concedes nothing and only abdicates when forced. Hence, the
rats were forced to leave. Generally, the more oppressive a regime becomes, the more suppressive
and violent it is when threatened. Oppressive regimes use their military power for survival and
become vicious. Moreover, organic resistance is not a simple measure of protest actions only.
Protests need transformation into effective collective advocacy and political organization with
good leadership. In Apartheid South Africa, the revolutionary movements understood this. Their
leadership reacted against colonial domination and expected a bitter, violent struggle to ensue.”
(Karani, 2023. P 159.)
In principle, there can never be a greater crime against humanity than genocide, and it
does not matter who the victims are. Moreover, Genocide 2023 is not occurring under the “cover
of darkness” but with an open front seat of virtual reality. Previously, the Israeli state had enjoyed
unmitigated impunity and, in the process, has become psychologically desensitized to its own Evil.
Therefore, as repeat offenders driven by hubris, they expected not to be held culpable for their Evil
However, this time, the Israeli killing spree is held to account by South Africa with the
institution of litigation against Israel as committing genocide at the International Court of Justice
. As an author, writer, and South African-born, I am incredibly proud of Cyril Ramphosa
(President), Naledi Pandor (Minister of International Relations), and the ANC (African National
Congress) for their brave and unsolicited actions. As a nation, South Africa now enjoys much
credibility as a moral state, having lived, experienced, and overthrown the Apartheid regime of
South Africa. As a nation, South Africa exercised its moral imperative and prerogative to litigate
against Israel.
At the beginning of this essay, it was indicated as a thesis that “Genocide 2023” is the
beginning of the end of the Zionist state of Israel as we currently know and understand it. Why? It
31 Aljazeera (January 11, 2024): “ICJ hears South Africa’s genocide case against Israel over Gaza war.” South
Africa accuses Israel of violating the UN’s 1948 Genocide Convention, established in the wake of the Holocaust.
Abdusamaad (Sam) Karani: “Genocide 2023” – Israel: Greatest Modern-Day Genocidaire.
Palestinian Genocide is Evil Personified.

This essay is free for distribution (draft one.) Kindly cite as indicated in the Header section.
is a watershed moment in history, and humanity cannot continue to live in free conscience and
morality with a nation-state” or regime of self-declared killers proclaiming itself as a democracy.
Ultimately, the “Gods will destroy” this small regime known as Israel for its madness!
When it precisely occurs in history, it will inevitably be the dynamic of a “divine” process to restore
a more natural order in the environment, especially in Palestine.
Moreover, as I understand our universe, our world always seeks a natural order and
stability. A self-corrective force always comes into play in our universe and cosmos to create an
order of stability. Thus, too, Israel and its killers will meet their just fate and end from causing
(The bold actions and ramifications of the South African government and its
case with the ICJ are discussed in Part Two of this Essay, “Genocide 2023.” Why
bold is because most countries would fear the “blowback” response from the US and
Zionists influences on the European nations and others.
This blowback (reprisals) against South Africa is already on the horizon as
many US lawmakers are offended by South African foreign policy and are promoting
punitive sanctions against South Africa. Once more, “The Ugly American” is again at work by being the big international bully.

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