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Prayer for Aaron

I wish I was not the gasoline

that flowed from your head to your toes

nor the flames that lit up your body


I wish that i was not the smoke signals

that reverberated across the world

mourned and embraced in Gaza


And for a short while,

a miniscule minute

shook the  ruling classes of the world

As you cried out for an end to the slaughter

an end to the genocide


I wish that more people
Will speak out and reject that uniform of empire
which curses, robs and oppresses the peoples of the world

I wish that Aaron was alive together,

throwing stones alongside Amar, Sofia and Ghassan

in Gaza City, Ramallah or Jerusalem

But like them,

…thirty-five thousand and more every day

You fell in the line of duty


The martyrs of Palestine

dressed in white calico cloth

and you in your casket

have your special place above

adorned by the most fragrant flowers from all the peoples of the world


I wish you a good rest, comrade

Hamba Kahle

I wish you the best

for your immediate family and loved ones

I wish you the warm embrace of international solidarity and

to the other warriors out there


Aaron Bushnell took his own life

Outside the embassy of genociders

in the USA – the land of the enablers

Aaron fell because of the media, and all the misleaders of his own country

stood by and watched…

As human flesh cemented with rubble in the unfolding holocaust


Aaron took his life so that a Free Palestine may live

On this day 25 of the second month of the year

And you were only 25 years old





Hassen Lorgat
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