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#SisiCoupRegime is an abomination

The Media Review Network (MRN) expresses its utter disgust and condemnation at the ruling by an Egyptian court to sentence eight Muslim Brotherhood members to death on trumped up charges.

The Western and Zionist-backed #SisiCoupRegime in Cairo does not even pretend to adhere to universally accepted judicial principles of granting all suspects a free and fair trial.

With the blessing of his Western and Zionist handlers, General al-Sisi continues to purge Egypt of any remnants of the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood, whom he violently overthrew in a 2013 coup.

In July 2013, the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood organised a massive sit-in in the Rabaa al Adawiya to denounce the Western-backed coup.

Security forces later raided the square and killed more 1000 people in a single day.

The 2013 coup resulted in a military dictatorship, and that is exactly what the current government is. General Sisi is now in such a weak position that it is difficult to envision a scenario in which he might act in opposition to the objectives of his handlers.

Military commanders and military interests have progressively taken over administration since Sisi took office in 2013. The judiciary, the legislature, central auditing authority, and diplomatic corps – once-proud civil institutions – have lost their independence.

Independent political parties, youth groups, the media, and civil society organisations have all been dismantled, and the few valiant survivors are still being ruthlessly pursued.

Since the 2013 coup, Human Rights Watch claims that Egypt is going through one of its worst human rights crises in decades.

The restriction of fundamental freedoms and systematic execution of serious human rights abuses against demonstrators of all backgrounds, such as torture and enforced disappearances, have solidified the authoritarian rule of the #SisiCoupRegime.

The Media Review Network calls upon progressive organisations to condemn these mass death sentences. We further call upon the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) to publicly condemn the #SisiCoupRegime and break of all diplomatic, economic and military relations it has with regime.

To add insult to injury, the #SisiCoupRegime aids and abets the current #GazaGenocide by conforming to Zionist dictates regarding what aid and how much goes into the besieged Gaza Strip.

It is also actively planning to receive Palestinians intending to flee the impending massacre in Rafah thereby contributing to the ethnic cleansing of the territory.

Like the Zionist entity, the #SisiCoupRegime in Egypt has no place amongst progressive nations of the world. Democratic elections must be held for Egypt to reclaim its place amongst the community of nations.

Issued by:
Dr Ahmed Haroon Jazbhay
Executive Member
Media Review Network
South Africa