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Israel has the right to kill children and it has used that right to kill more than fifteen thousand children. Israel has the right to kill women and it has used that right to kill more than ten thousand of innocent Palestinian women. Israel has the right to destroy and bomb Palestinian homes and so Israel has reduced all of Gaza to rubble and made more than two million Palestinians homeless. Israel has the right to bomb hospitals and so Israel has bombed almost every hospital in Gaza.  Out of the approximately 36 hospitals in Gaza, only four have not been bombed by the IDF or gone completely out of service. Israel has the right to kill journalists and so Israel has killed at least 108 journalist in Gaza since October 7 and has further banned journalist from Israel and Palestine including mainstream news outlets like Al Jazeera. Israel has the right to bomb places of worship where the followers of Muhammad (p.b.u.h) pray and so Israel has bombed mosques in Gaza. Israel has bombed and destroyed 267 places of worship.  Israel has the right to bomb universities where free thinkers go to seek knowledge and so Israel has bombed all of the universities in Gaza and has killed 95 professors. Israel has destroyed 88% of all school buildings. Israel has the right to burn women and children and so Israel has burned Palestinian women and children while they were sleeping in tents in a refugee camps. Israel has the right to bury Muslims in any manner they chose and so Israel has buried Muslims in mass graves and left dead bodies on the streets to be eaten by dogs. Israel has the right to dig out dead Muslims from their graves and so Israel has desecrated the graves of dead Muslims and dumped them in mass graves. Israel has the right to kill doctors, nurses and all health care workers and so Israel has killed 723 health care workers and wounded more than 9000. Israel has a right to deny food, water, fuel and medical supplies to the Palestinians and so Israel has used that to create a famine and starve Palestinians to death. Israel has the right to detain any person and so Israel has used this right to detain more than 9300 Palestinian prisoners including 250 children and 75 women. 3400 have been held under administrative detention which is detention without charge (kidnapping).  Israel has tortured and raped Palestinian prisoners to death.

The rights that Israel enjoys is not rooted in the Torah, the Bible or the Quran. It is not rooted in international human rights and humanitarian law. It has no basis in earthly secular law or eternal scriptural law. Israel has been given these rights by the U.S Empire and most European nation states. In short Israel has been given all of its rights by the most powerful governments in the world as well as the international media, international capitalism and all of its extensions from Hollywood to Bollywood and every other dirty wood in between.

“Israel has a right to defend herself”. These are the words of Keir Starmer, a self-professed Zionist and leader of the Labour Party in Britain who is seeking to be the next prime minister of Britain.  For some peculiar reason Starmer refers to Israel is to as a woman. Starmer argued that Israel has a right to “defend herself” and cut of water and food supplies to Gaza. Most of the western countries concur that Israel has a right to starve Palestinians. Many of the western countries even cut of their funding to UNRWA to steamroll Israel’s project famine on a lie that UNRWA employees were involved in the attack of October 7. Not one of these countries that supported the starvation of Palestinians have provided any evidence to support their claim because no such evidence exists. “Israel has a right and duty to defend itself.” These are the words of Anthony Blinken, a devoted Zionist Jew and U.S. Secretary of state which has become his mantra of sorts during the last eight months. Perhaps it is one of the most repeated statements since October 7. Blinken however, is not chanting the mantra much these days. With virtually all of Gaza reduced to rubble, his mantra is looking increasingly ridiculous. What is Israel defending itself against? The rubble in Gaza? The tens of thousands of orphans? The more than two million starving Palestinians in the midst of a famine? But Blinken the devout Zionist Jew puts out defences for Israel that even Israel itself does not. Think about the latest back and forth about the ceasefire. Blinken publicly states that Israel has agreed to the ceasefire even though Netanyahu has not said so but Blinken tells the world that only Hamas is against the ceasefire. Meanwhile Bibi publicly contradicts Blinken by saying that the IDF will not stop until Hamas is completely defeated. Blinken is increasingly looking more like a circus clown than secretary of state.

With Blinken failing blindly to secure any ceasefire and the upping of the ante from Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah in support of Gaza, another Zionist Amos Hochstein has been despatched as a U.S envoy to the Middle East this time to try and stop Hezbollah. Israel and America want Hezbollah to step back and reposition itself beyond the Litani River, thereby backtracking another thirty kilometres.

Hezbollah have rebuffed Hochstein and is saying that they will not stop their fight against Israel unless there is a ceasefire and truce in Gaza according to the terms of the Palestinian Resistance. So what’s the stumbling block to the ceasefire? Well Hamas is clear in what it wants. An exchange of all Palestinian and Israeli hostages and an end to the Genocide and the war and not a temporary truce that can be reneged upon and gives no option to the people of Gaza to try to breath and live after eight months of relentless war? Israel does not want an end to the Genocide and war. Israel wants a temporary truce of six weeks, where it expects Hamas to release most if not all of the Israeli Hostages and in turn Israel will release hundreds of Palestinian Hostages. Thereafter, when the six week period is over, Israel has the option to resume the Genocide and war on Gaza. Not even a circus clown will agree to the Israeli terms of a temporary truce?

Hezbollah through its leader Shaykh Hassan Nasrallah has come out in fiery support of the resistance in Gaza by saying that Hezbollah will keep on fighting Israel until there is a Gaza ceasefire. Israel has threatened a genocide in Lebanon and do to Lebanon what it has done in Gaza. Hezbollah has said it will fight fire with fire.  Now even Biden and Blinken and all of their western allies are scared that Israel is going to get its ass kicked in Lebanon. This explains the incredible shuttle diplomacy taking place currently.

Will this far right Israeli government go on an adventurous albeit suicidal adventure in an all-out war with Hezbollah? The most powerful liberation movement on the planet today with more than one hundred thousand soldiers, many of whom are battle scarred warriors with recent military experience in Syria fighting against Isis and other jihadists funded and financed by the Imperialists and Zionists. These followers of Muhammad (p.b.u.h) who are primed for battle will make the 2006 war look like a walk in the park.

Now Israel is increasingly sinking itself into a hole, deeper and deeper. Lost, with no direction, motivated by vengeance and racial arrogance, blind to all reason.

Giving Israel the green light to an invasion of Lebanon and an all-out war with Hezbollah is in effect giving Israel the ultimate green light to self-destruct, commit suicide and bring an end to the Zionist Project Israel. Will the powers that be who give Israel all its rights finally give Israel the ultimate right to go screw itself?

Iqbal Suleman