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South African airport security??

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(source: MNet-CarteBlanche)

On Sunday, 30 August 2009, Carte Blanche exposed how the Israeli airlines El Al, was profiling and detaining innocent people.

This is the text of that episode:

This man is part of an undercover experiment on his way to meet a friend at the airport checkin. Filming from a distance is a white scuffy cameraman. They are about to test an allegation that security personell from El Al Airlines will target our man even if he is not one of their passengers, simply because he’s a muslim.

It didn’t take long before El Al approached him.

El Al representative: ‘Hi, how are you? Where are you flying to?’

Undercover man: ‘No, I’m not going anywhere. I’m waiting for a friend of mine.’

El Al representative: ‘Do you have your passport or ID with you here?’

El Al representative: ‘We’re security from the airport here. You’re not flying today?’

Undercover man: ‘You’re from airport security?’

El Al representative: ‘Yes.’

Airport security? No they are not says Jonathan Garb, a former El Al security employee.

Jonathan Garb (Former El Al security employee): ‘This here is a secret service operating above the law in South Africa. We pull the wool over everyones eyes. We do exactly as we please – the local authorities do not know what we are doing.’

Undercover man: ‘Is something wrong?’

El Al representative: ‘No, we just have to… its just the regulations of the airport.’

Jonathan: ‘To members of the public they will represent themselves as airport security – not even as El Al security. It will be a public area and they will tell them that they are not allowed to be standing in this area.’

This is Golan Rice. According to his business card he was the El Al security manager.

Jonathan: ‘But in fact we are working for Israeli Security Agency which is the internal security service of the government of Israel.’

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Fighting for the right to walk

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By Ramzy Baroud

(source: Znet- Ramzy Baroud’s blogspot)

Gaza’s troubles have somehow been relegated, if not completely dropped from the mainstream media’s radar, and subsequently the world’s conscience and consciousness. Weaning the public from the sadness there conveys the false impression that things are improving and that people are starting to move on and rebuild their lives.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Since the conclusion of Israel’s war last year, the Palestinian Ministry of Health declared that 344 Gaza patients have reportedly been added to the swelling number of casualties.

Khaled Abed Rabbu, once a young father of four is a precise living example, such an eloquent paradigm of what no human being ought to endure in this world laden with international human rights organizations, mediators, advocates and diplomats.

His house was completely destroyed, as were two of his little girls. He buried 7 year old Soad and Amal, just two, soon after burying any hope that Samar his 4 year old daughter’s future would be any less bleak.

According to an IslamOnline report, Khaled’s wife, Kawthar lined up the children in front of their house in the Jabaliya refugee camp, holding a white flag. But their internationally recognized gesture was disregarded by Israeli forces and the shelling of their home and family commenced. These miserable36unfolded at Christmastime last year, when the Rabbu family was reduced by nearly half.

But since then, they, and a disgracefully large number of other such families, have somehow slipped our minds. Completely surrounded still, and prevented from ever advancing back to point zero, the Israeli siege on Gaza is what one must certainly brand the quintessence of barbarism.

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Is the plo playing with the Palestinian national cause?

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By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Palestine

(source: Palestine Information Center)

Mahmoud Abbas

Despite rhetorical denials, the PLO and Palestinian Authority (PA), which Fatah constitutes the backbone of both, are moving steadily toward adopting positions that would effectively compromise inalienable Palestinian rights and might even lead to the liquidation of  the Palestinian cause.

The reported PLO propensity to “deal positively” with dubious “peace plans” that would obliterate Palestinian rights should alarm all patriotic Palestinians.

After all, the Palestinian cause is not the property of unelected politicians who think they have a carte blanch to behave as they see fit with regard to such fundamental issues  as the right of return and Jerusalem .

Unfortunately, the signs and signals that keep coming from the PLO and PA quarters don’t auger well for the future. Hence, the urgent need to speak up and warn these  unelected leaders against playing with fire.

First, there is the so-called Fayyad vision or plan  for creating a  Palestinian state with temporary borders under the Israeli occupation, a state that would very much look like a  Judenrat (Jewish community council under the Nazi occupation of Europe ). How else can one honestly relate to an entity that is completely void of sovereignty, freedom and the most elementary requirements of statehood?

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