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Blair cornered opts for more aggressive defense

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By Ghulam Muhommed

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The public enquiry in UK, about the whole gamut of the British going to war with Iraq, is taking its toll on the main characters in UK, who poodled their way to an illegal and unnecessary war indulged into by a crazy US President and his equally diabolic Vice President’s personal tiff with Iraq’s former dictator, Saddam Hussein.

The enormous price in human sufferings and hundreds and thousands killed in this illegal and most destructive war, has people both in UK and US rising in unison to question the validity and legality of this wanton act of abusing public trust and spending billions of dollars of public fund, that in no measure was the prime cause behind the collapse of the world system of mindless expansion of international credit and the sudden loss of confidence in war economies of the West. War not only destroys the victimized nation, but the aggressors too.

This has been a plain historical fact that Bush, Cheney and Blair never took into consideration. Germany and Soviet Union’s example should have been enough to warn these warmongers that even strongest nations, if fallen in this ugly cycle of debt traps and public loss of confidence, would surely and continuously disintegrate. Before his public testimony, former war Prime Minister, Tony Blair accused by British people of dragging their nation to an unwanted war on false pretext that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction, while it was clear to the Government even before the war began that he had none; has now turned aggressive to save his skin, by declaring that even if there was no trace of weapons of mass destructions, Saddam and his two sons, had to go, if the West was to feel secured. Blair does not bother to explain, at what cost this presumed security? Hundreds of thousands died, even before Saddam murdered a single Western civilian and/or armed man. This preventive strike did prove to be more costly than any threat that Saddam posed, both in human and resource terms. Besides, who will compensate for the wholesale massacre of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis by US and UK cowardly aerial bombings? A single strike by German forces in Afghanistan that killed about a hundred Afghan civilians, gathered to collect fuel from the stricken oil tankers, bombed by German plane, resulted in the sacking of Germany’s man in command who misjudged the whole scenario. Will there be no reprisals on the warmonger few in US and UK, who have made deliberately misjudgment and fooled their own people to carry out their personal agenda?  If there is any international justice and an International Court of Justice that is not subservient to partisan politics of the West, Bush, Cheney and Blair should be hauled and charged for war crimes.