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Cia destroyed almost 100 torture videos

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CIA destroyed almost 100 torture videos 

A US attorney says the CIA has destroyed 92 controversial interrogation video tapes, far more than what the agency had previously said.

"Ninety-two videotapes were destroyed," Acting US Attorney Lev Dassin wrote in a Monday letter to New York Judge Alvin Hellerstein, AFP reported.

Dassin urged that the Central Intelligence Agency be given until Friday to offer a list of the destroyed records. He also insisted that the witnesses who might have seen the tapes before be named.

The agency turned into a chief enforcer of the Bush administration's "anti-terror" policies since September, 11, 2001 when the country came under an alleged al-Qaeda attack. Ever since, the CIA has been allegedly using "torture-aided" interrogation techniques like simulated drowning.

In a bid to justify the move the former administration launched the "extraordinary rendition" program which would transfer the 'terror suspect' to places outside the United State, where the American law does not apply.

Two years ago, the CIA, which has been capturing the interrogations on tape since 2001, admitted that it had eliminated at least two tapes claiming the contents could leak to "al-Qaeda and its sympathizers" and endanger the interrogators.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawyers, however, said that the agency had earlier denied the existence of such material, calling for a thorough investigation into the case.

"This letter provides further evidence for holding the CIA in contempt of court," said Amrit Singh, ACLU staff attorney.