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Cosatu condemns alleged awarding of tender to an Isaraeli company

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We call on the world community of progressive peoples to do all within their power to mobilise for intensified action… COSATU

COSATU condemns alleged awarding of tender to an Israeli company

The Congress of South African Trade Unions has reliably learnt that a contract has been awarded to an Israeli company in South Africa to work with Transnet, a public utility, at time when Israel is savagely attacking the Palestinian people.

Orsus Solutions Israel Ltd. is reported to have won a contract estimated at more than $5 million to work with Transnet Freight Rail, an international rail operator based in South Africa. The project, now underway, is connecting three nerve centres in Johannesburg, Richard’s Bay and Cape Town, with surveillance cameras, digital video recorders, access control systems, fire systems, and electrical fence sensors deployed across 34,000 kilometres of railway lines.

If this is indeed true, then surely, we need to take drastic action to disrupt this transaction, which is an attack on the noble struggle of the oppressed Palestinian people. We need to send a clear message to all oppressors that our country will not be used by countries which oppress peoples for greedy commercial interests.

This happens against the backdrop of the commemoration the 60th anniversary of Nakba, the brutal occupation of Palestine by the Israeli Zionists in 1948, the occupation of all the lands of the people of Palestine, which rendered them refugees in their own country. This is what the Zionists, joined by the patron of imperialism, George Bush, celebrated last month in Israel, whilst in Gaza, the West Bank and the occupied lands endured massive suffering, deprivation of basic services and indignities of the worst order.

We call on the world community of progressive peoples to do all within their power to mobilise for intensified action and the isolation of the Israeli at all levels. We are also aware that Israeli supported with arms and helped the brutal apartheid regime to murder and kill political activists on our own soil, so we have reason to share in the pains and suffering of the Palestinian people at this hour of need.

South Africa must send the Israeli ambassador in our country back home. In this way, we shall be giving a practical signal of solidarity with our comrades in the occupied territories. The time has come and we must act and act now.

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