The Media Review Network (MRN) strongly condemns the actions of the pro-Gaddafi forces which led to the untimely death of South African Anton Hammerl, a well known freelance photo journalist.

Hammerl was on duty, attempting to bring to his readers36as he saw them through his lenses, unfolding on the ground in Libya, during these historical moments in North Africa and the Middle East. The evolution of conflict reporting and its relationships with government policies remains highly dangerous and contentious indeed. Nevertheless, it cannot justify the death of any journalist in such a violent manner.

The Executive and staff of the MRN shares in the grief and pain of the family and friends of Anton Hammerl and we convey our deepest and sincere condolences to all of them. They remain in our prayers during this time of heartache and sorrow

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Bibi Ayesha Laher

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Author: MRN NetworkThe aspiration of the Media Review Network is to dispel the myths and stereotypes about Islam and Muslims and to foster bridges of understanding among the diverse people of our country. The Media Review Network believes that Muslim perspectives on issues impacting on South Africans are a prerequisite to a better appreciation of Islam.