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Israel hand over 65 demolition orders to palestinian families in jerusalem

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Israel hand over 65 demolition orders to Palestinian families in Jerusalem

by Ghassan Bannoura – IMEMC News & Agencies

The Israeli municipality of Jerusalem handed out on Sunday evening more demolition orders to 65 Palestinian families all over east Jerusalem.

Palestinian owned home demolished in Jerusalem – file 2008
Palestinian owned home demolished in Jerusalem – file 2008

According to local sources some of these families had received the same notices before.

The orders were issued under new legislation, Israeli law 212. Law 212 allows homes to be demolished or evacuated without any formal legal charges being brought forth or any party to be convicted of any alleged violation of the Israeli Planning and Building Law. Hateem Abed al Kader, the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs in the Palestinian Government said the demolition orders were political.

"The high number of demolition orders indicates they are political, their objective is to force Palestinians out and tip the demographic balance towards the settlers. The number of homes that are set for demolition in Jerusalem is now 1,200 homes." Abed al Kader told IMEMC over the phone.

According to the Israeli municipality, the homes were built without required building permits. Since Israel occupied East Jerusalem in 1967, it has rarely given Palestinian residents permission to build homes or to modify existing ones. Meanwhile, Israeli settlements in and around Jerusalem continue to be built, an act that is illegal under international law.

last week At lest a dozen Palestinian families in various parts of East Jerusalem have received demolition orders issued by the Jerusalem Municipality.

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