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Blockade of Gaza Aid Flotilla by Greece

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

It is with revulsion and repugnance that the Media Review Network (MRN) and the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) take note of the continued blockade and siege of the Palestinians, at the behest of Israel. Greece has succumbed to United States and Israeli threats and has stopped the humanitarian aid ships from leaving her port and sailing to Gaza. Greece’s present economic woes have made her vulnerable and she is exposed to the economic blackmail applied by Israel, despite the fact that the Greek nation has always showed its support for the Palestinian people.

The government of Greece must be denounced and censured for its decision to prevent the Gaza flotilla boats from leaving the Greek ports and sailing for Gaza. This is in clear violation of International Law concerning Freedom of the Seas.

The Gaza Flotilla is indeed a courageous act of political protest. It is an expression of worldwide solidarity with the Palestinian people. It is an emphatic rejection of Israel’s tyrannical occupation of Palestine and the burden of collective punishment upon a mass of civilians.

We pledge our solidarity with the objectives of the nine boats of the Freedom Flotilla and particularly the detained vessel “The Audacity of Hope,” an American vessel who’s Captain has been arrested.

It is a fundamental right of the Palestinians to maintain direct contact with the outside world. It is their right to open and maintain sea ports where vessels might freely dock and depart for the benefit of their economy. Israel’s claim that the ports will be used for violent resistance is based on lies, purely to create an impression of fear.

The campaign of slander which the government of Israel is waging against the flotilla and those taking part in it must be strongly condemned. These lies are clearly designed as a pretext and justification in advance to acts of violence against activists reminiscent of the attack on the Mavi Marmara.

Does Greece’s latest IMF and EU bailout depend on her complicity in maintaining the world’s largest open air prison? It certainly appears that way.

In keeping with the sentiments of all people of moral conscience, the MRN and the MJC call upon the Greek Government to rescind its order preventing the flotilla from leaving the ports of Greece and allow them to sail to the Gaza and simultaneously ensure the safety of the passengers and the boats.

Issued By:

Ibrahim Vawda

Senior Researcher – Media Review Network

Tel: 012 374 6987

Cell: 072 295 0088


Nabeweya Malick

Public Relations Officer – Muslim Judicial Council

Tel: 021 684 4600

Cell: 083 408 1157