Mandela calls for the release of Palestinian researcher


A statement by lawyer Buthaina Dakmak, the institute's chairperson, charged that Abu Al-Haija's administrative detention, without trial or charge, was in continuation of the IOA's war on freedom of opinion and expression.

She recalled that the IOA detained Abul Haija, who is well known political analyst, from his home in Jenin six months ago and sentenced him to administrative custody for six months.

He was not interrogated or charged during his detention, the lawyer noted, adding that the court of appeals refused to release him at the pretext of "secret evidence" against him.

The pretext is usually used to bar the release of any Palestinian that the court could not indict with any charge.

Dakmak asked for greater moves on the part of all groups concerned with freedom of expression to prevent the IOA from renewing his administrative detention, especially when his sentence was about to end. (PIC)


Author: MRN Network

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