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MRN Media Statement: Strikes on Syria Violate International Law

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The MRN notes with grave concern the unprovoked airstrikes against Syria by the Israeli military aided and abetted by F-16’s supplied by the United States.

These are illegal acts of war which only aims to escalate the campaign for regime change in Syria.This is an admission of failure of its proxy forces to topple the Assad regime.The methods being considered by the axis of evil formed by Israel-US and EU, testify to the politically criminal character of this mission.They include giving more weapons to the US-backed opposition or initiating outright US hostilities.These Israel air strikes will lead to Libyan style “no-fly-zones” being declared over Syria.

The reasons given for these strikes were allegedly to prevent Syria from providing Hezbollah with a shipment of Iranian-built missiles. An army base and a military research facility was also bombed.The weapons of mass destruction in Iraq have not been found, yet.Like the falsehoods used to justify the US invasion of Iraq, the rationalizations for war against Syria presented to the public are a mixture of unsubstantiated allegations and outright lies. Claims that there is evidence that Assad has used chemical weapons—based on allegations that opposition fighters have found or been poisoned by sarin nerve gas—have not been verified. As one British official confessed , “It’s still completely unclear who used the stuff, in what quantities, and to what effect.”

The MRN calls on our Government to urgently summon the Israel and the US Ambassadors to explain their countries’ actions and to stop their saber rattling activities in order to secure a peaceful resolution to the Syrian Crisis.

Ibrahim Vawda
Senior Researcher


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