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Occupation will not last long

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Hamas to Bush: Hamas will not be defeated and occupation will not last long The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said on Thursday that Hamas will not be defeated as all attempts to break or weaken the movement have failed.

These comments were made in a press release in response to US president George Bush’s speech on Thursday at the Knesset. Hamas added that the Israeli occupation will certainly not last another 60 years as Bush predicted.

Hamas also said in the statement that Bush tried to beautify the image of the Israeli occupation by describing it as one of the best democracies in the world ignoring all the atrocities committed by the occupation against the Palestinian people.

The Movement also regarded Bush and the US administration as “essential partners in the Israeli occupation crimes against the Palestinian people, and not the honest peace brokers they try to portray themselves as.”

Hamas considered as very serious “Bush’s recognition of Palestine as a national homeland for the Jews” considering such a statement as “Racist, serious and means the denial of the right of return [of Palestinian refugees],” adding that this only means a racist entity at the expense of Palestinian rights and that the shallow reference to a Palestinian state in Bush’s speech means he has already reneged on promises he made to Abbas about establishing a Palestinian state by the end of 2008.

The movement also said that during his first term in office, Bush promised to establish the Palestinian state before the end of 2005; yet, he changed his mind and promised again to create it before the end of this year, which many Israeli and Palestinian officials asserted it wasn’t feasible.

Bush told the Israelis in his speech that the US supports them in destroying terror networks wherever they are and predicted that a strong and prosperous Israel will celebrate its 120th anniversary, and the Palestinians would [then] have their independent state that rejects terrorism, and both Hizbullah and Hamas would be [by then] wiped out.

** Source: palestine-info centre