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Poisoning The Tunnels

The Ambassador,
Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt – Pretoria

The Media Review Network condemns in the strongest possible terms the latest actions by the Egyptian government to further tighten the strangle hold on the beleaguered population of the Gaza. Despite the denials by the Egyptian Government of the use of poisonous gases pumped into the tunnels, the bombing of the entrances to these tunnels continues and is equally reprehensible.

This unexplained indifference of the Egyptian government to the Palestinian peoples’ suffering is a source of eternal shame on the Government and people of Egypt. Egypt’s insistence to keep the Rafah crossing point sealed off despite the catastrophic and disastrous consequences for the Gazans is further testimony to the inhuman treatment of the Palestinians by the Egyptian government.

These actions of the Government of Egypt can only be described as organised state terrorism, in collusion with the illegal entity of Israel, practised against the people of the Gaza. The construction of these tunnels are desperate measures taken by desperate people to survive. They are under siege with travel restrictions, unemployment, trapped and a devastated economy. These tunnels are their life-nerve providing the only avenue to survival. The crime of starving the people of Gaza is a despicable act and a crime against humanity committed by a tyrannical Egyptian regime in violation of international law. The attitude of the Egyptian government is a sad reflection on a leading state on the African continent. Being a member state of the African union, this will certainly impact negatively on the union of African nations. The Media Review Network calls on the Egyptian government to redefine the nature of its relationship with Israel. This relationship has imposed a straitjacket on its foreign policy and by extension has made you subservient to a foreign influence. You are unable to resist the dictates of either Israel or the United States vis-a-vis your relationship with the people of Gaza.   Thank you. Dr. Firoz Osman Secretary-General, Media Review Network Cell: 082 337 6976 E-mail: