(source: Palestine Return Centre)

A delegation of  members from the Palestinian community met with Ivan Lewis, the Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth office for Middle East and North Africa, on Thursday 12 November 2009, to raise specific concerns over36in the Middle East and in particular the situation in Palestine.

The delegation which included, Majed Al-Zeer, Talal El-Deeb, Sousan Al -Asfari and Haifa Al -Keelaani spoke to Mr Lewis for over two hours in an effort to further strengthen relationship between the British Government and the Palestinian community.

The delegation spoke in detail about the Middle East but more crucially on the bleak situation in Palestine. Mr Lewis listened attentively to the grim conditions in the West Bank and Gaza where there is daily abuse of human rights and international law. The delegation gave their distressing observation of the siege on Gaza and the ineffective response of the international community. Mr Lewis also listed several issues regarding the British position on the situation in the Middle East such as the Goldstone report. End. The right of return was also discussed at length and the plight of Palestinian refugees from Iraq who are stranded on the borders between Iraq and Syria and are living in terrible conditions. Mr Lewis was very pleased to meet the delegation and was optimistic about the future. He spoke of his desire to maintain a strong relationship with the Palestinian community. Several practical activities were offered by the delegation which will be taken into consideration by the foreign office.