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Palestinians defy the wall

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Demonstrators Breached a Gate in the Wall in Deir alGhussoun

By  Jonnathan Pollak

(source: PSCC)

Israel’s Separation Wall was breached today near the West Bank village of Deir alGhussoun, when Palestinian, Israeli and international demonstrators who intended to march to lands that were left isolated behind the Wall, managed to break open one of the barrier’s gates.

The demonstrators managed to break the lock on the gate by rocking it back and forth, despite the presence of soldiers, who shot rubber-coated bullets and teargas at the protesters. One demonstrators was lightly injured after being struck with a rubber-coated bullet in the leg.

Tthe demonstration was the opening salvo for a public campaign by the Deir elGhussoun municipality and the affected farmers, which will accompany an appeal the Israeli High Court of Justice, to remove the already built wall from the village's land. The said appeal is expected to be filed in the near future. For no apparent reason other than land-grab, the wall in the area creeps deep into the West Bank, leaving about 2,500 dunams (620 acres) of the village's land west of the wall (on the "Israeli" side), affecting 120 land owners, dozens of which do not receive permits from the Israeli army to even minimally tend to their lands. In an advisory opinion issued in July 2004, the International Court of Justice in the Hague has declared the path of Israel's wall in the West Bank illegal in its entirety, and ordered its removal. To date, Israel continues to disregard international law, and continues to build the wall and expand settlements.