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Hilton Arts Festival – Breaking News

Friday, 16 September 2011

Following consultations, a major sponsor to this year’s Hilton Arts Festival has informed the Media Review Network (MRN) that it is urgently reviewing its involvement at the event. The company is seriously considering canceling its participation altogether.

This will have a severe impact on the organizers who are due to start their festival later today.

Opting to remain anonymous while it is still engaged in consultations with senior management, the company claims it was not informed of the participation of the Israeli Embassy in this year’s festival.

The company is concerned that its logo appearing with that of the Israeli Embassy in promotional adverts is misleading and deeply embarrassing for they would never want to be associated with a state like Israel that abuses human rights.

The MRN welcomes this along with the courageous decision by Iain EWOK Robinson to withdraw his performance from the event in line with the Palestinian boycott call.

The MRN repeats its call to the organizers, other performers and all sponsors not to accept Israeli state funding and to completely exclude the Israeli Embassy and performances from its festival.

The MRN believes that by accepting Israeli state funding the organizers would be complicit in Israel’s global propaganda campaign designed to conceal its atrocities and human rights violations by showcasing a humane face.

The Media Review Network is encouraged by the latest developments and the growing momentum to institute an effective boycott against Israel.

Issued By:

Iqbal Jassat – Chairman,Media Review Network

Cell: 083 594 3749