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The Media Review Network’s Open Response to
an Open Letter from the “Embassy of the State of Palestine ”

By Firoz Osman – Secretary General, Media Review Network

In any international competition, to determine the world’s worst deceiver and hypocrite, there can only be one winner. We also know who the runner-up will be.

The “State of Palestine” is headed by the discredited Mahmood Abbas, who is in “power” as a result of a plot cooked up in the White House by George W Bush, Condoleezza Rice and Elliot Abrams. They supported Muhammed Dahlan, the Fatah strongman who led an insurgency against Hamas, after the latter won the most free and fair elections in January of 2006. The admission “that the Israeli occupation is the biggest problem in our search for freedom and independence” and then to negotiate the surrender of more Palestinian land for peace is sanctimonious and hypocritical and should not be left unchallenged.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) supported only by the Fatah faction of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, does not have a mandate to speak on behalf of the people of Palestine . Consequently, its “embassy” in South Africa must be called to order if it purports to represent the Palestinians. Their call for South Africans to support the struggle of the Palestinians can only be described as hollow and insincere. It would be moral and appropriate for the PA to cut ties with the Zionist entity and to join forces with the legitimately elected representatives of the people, before calling for any support from South Africa .  The South Africans will never betray the sensitivities of the Palestinian people.

The Media Review Network makes a clear distinction between support for the Palestinian people and surrendering their legitimate rights. Our commitment and resolve to free Palestine remains untainted and must not be confused with the current negotiations between the PA and the Zionist entity, which can only have disastrous consequences for the cause. Most Palestinian activists, scholars, journalists and academics have warned against the role of the weak PA who will deceive the Palestinians.