The Israeli government announced few hours after its premier Ehud Olmert’s meeting with PA chief Mahmoud Abbas that construction in occupied Jerusalem and major settlement blocs in the West Bank would continue.

Mark Regev, the Israeli premier’s spokesman, said that Olmert had clearly stated to Abbas that Israel would continue building in occupied Jerusalem and other major blocs in the West Bank.

He said that Olmert explained to Abbas that those areas would be part of any future agreement between Israel and the PA.

Meanwhile, American diplomatic sources said that the head of the national security council and the special security coordinator between Israel and the PA are to arrive in Israel next week to meet senior officials in Israel and the PA.

They would prepare for American president George Bush’s visit to Israel in mid May to participate in Israel’s 60th establishment anniversary on the usurped land of Palestine. They would also oversee how both the Palestinians and Israelis were living up to pledges envisaged in the road map plan.


Author: MRN Network

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