the conflict has nothing to with ethnic strife!

13 May 2008

Urgent Press Release

Re: Misrepresentation of Conflict in Lebanon

The Media Review Network (MRN) and Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) notes with consternation that parts of South African (SA) media are misrepresenting the current conflict in Lebanon as a "sectarian fight between Shia and Sunni". This is entirely incorrect and far removed from the true nature of the impasse between Hizbullah and the Siniora government.

The instability facing Lebanon has resulted from American manipulation of Fuad Siniora and his band of pro-US ministers, including Saad Hariri. It is no less than direct internal interference by the Bush Administration and Israel to deny Hizbullah space in the socio-political environment. Its goal is to render Lebanon fully dependent on America by making Hizbullah's power redundant.

As is predictable, the US media has once again raised its banner of patriotism at the expense of objective reality in the streets of Beirut, Tripoli and other parts of Lebanon. It has shamelessly paraded its malicious bias by profiling the conflict as "Shia/Sunni", in the face of overwhelming evidence that the push by Hizbullah and its allies, which include significant Druze, Christian and Sunni formations, is a push for democracy. An open system with universal franchise for all Lebanese. Not the perpetuation of an ethnic divide which the Bush Administration wants to manufacture and exploit.

Its not surprising therefore that General Michel Aoun [Christian] has publicly demanded:

* Removal of Siniora's pro-US regime

* Establishment of National Unity Government

* Amendment of Electoral Law

He has listed these as their [Hizbullah and Aoun's] minimum demands. Indeed, Wiam Wahab, a Druze member of parliament allied with Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah, has called on the forcible removal of Fuad Siniora.

As is evident, the conflict has nothing to with ethnic strife!

We therefore call on SA media to refrain from depicting it as such.

Issued By:

Iqbal Jassat Chairman Media Review Network083 594 3749


Nabeweya MalickPublic Relations OfficerMuslim Judicial Council083 480 1157