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Zionist Apartheid

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The letter by Mr Zev Krengel, president of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies on 29 August confirms it once and for all: The apologists for Apartheid Israel are secretly practicing apartheid in free South Africa. It is clear that they bought out the tickets to the show to be sold exclusively to Jews. The recording is proof that the event was for Jews only because the ticket seller says so, and it’s there for all to see on Youtube. Suddenly, Mr Krengel conveniently claims that the ticket seller was “an independent contractor who misunderstood what the brief was”. Why make the ticket seller the scapegoat when the truth is, Mr Krengel, that the plan was to buy out the tickets and sell them exclusively to Jews. This time you got caught out. You must know that you cannot fool all the people all the time. I want to congratulate the Jewish lady with the sweet voice who caught them out. It says a lot for her quest for truth and justice, even against the same lot that bullied Judge Goldstone into submission. The Goldstone Report proved beyond doubt that apartheid is alive and well in Israel, and they were incensed when ‘one of their own’ was speaking the truth against the injustices perpetrated by the Apartheid State of Israel, which is wrongfully occupying the land of the Palestinians. Historic Palestine belongs to Christians, Muslims, Jews and all others who live in it, and not to any single group. Thousands of original inhabitants have been forcefully removed from this land and no one seems to object. But deprive some of those responsible for the atrocities, from a piano recital, and their response is to cry out for their rights.


It’s so sad that Mr Krengel suffers from a serious disease called “memory substitution” a symptom of which is selective morality. In Israel, non-Jews are discriminated against, removed from their homes, subjected to daily harassment, treated as inferior beings, not allowed proper schooling, etc; but in South Africa he is concerned about “…trampled on the rights of others to attend that event…”. How is it that he and ilk even understand what it meant to protect the rights of people when he does not understand and refuses to recognise the rights of Palestinian children to go to school peacefully, or to return to their rightful homes, or to simply live peacefully without being bombed and not be treated as third class citizens. He also talks in the same letter about ‘inalienable rights to academic freedom and freedom of expression”. If you understand this, Mr Krengel, you should be a member of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) and the Palestine Solidarity Committee. Then you will also understand that to protest peacefully is a right that all people have in South Africa. Yes, all, Jews and non-Jews, together.


Come on Mr Krengel, join BDS and help remove apartheid from Israel and oh…don’t forget that you cannot hold on to those horrible practices here at the same time. It’s never too late to change. Time, truth and justice cannot wait. Hop onto the train of peace now. When Judgment Day comes, it will be too late. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Nazir Ahmed Osman