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There are calls published on the Internet for capture of US citizens in response to the kidnapping of Abu Anas al-Liby, whom Washington named as “one of the leaders of al-Qaeda”, who is “suspected of involvement in the attack on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998”.


“The real Libyan heroes should kidnap Americans in Libya to negotiate for our brother release”, The New York Times quotes appeal Facebook


There is also a call for Libyans to capture US citizens in order to exchange them for captured Mujahideen.


The Libyan authorities have also been warned. Mujahideen accused the country’s leaders in collusion with the United States. “We declare that the move will cost dearly to the Libyan government”, said in a statement of the Mujahideen.


At the same time, the Libyan authorities have distanced themselves from the kidnapping of al-Liby and the Prime Minister has made it clear that the government does not want to spoil relations with the United States because of the kidnapping.


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